My Forever Hero by Karen Legasy is a story about trusting your instincts, accepting who you really are and following your heart.

Marlee Nevins envisioned a vacation filled with sun, sand and sea. Australia seems like the perfect get away from her stressful job in Canada. For Marlee, surfing on the lovely beaches for weeks on end is a dream come true until a surfing mishap throws Marlee’s world into turmoil. Luckily for Marlee, Abigail Taylor comes to her rescue and from that day forward Marlee’s life as she once knew it was never the same.

Abigail Taylor is a CEO of a well-known biosystems firm. Abigail needs to be rescued as well, she is being set up by someone who is interfering with the research she is conducting. Time is running out and she needs to clear her name because she is being accused of creating bioweapons and she could be arrested for terrorist actions. Abigail does not know who she can trust and she turns to Marlee to help her find out who is trying to ruin her reputation and all of her hard work.

Both women struggle against their growing attraction for each other amidst their search for the culprit who is out to get Abigail. Can Marlee protect Abigail and clear her name? Or will the culprit succeed in stripping Abigail of everything she cherishes—even her life?

The Characters

Marlee Nevins is a Canadian police officer who is on a vacation in the land down under. She came to Australia to delight in the beautiful beaches and get the rest she truly deserves. I adore Marlee’s open-hearted, intuitive and easy-going personality. Her willingness to understand and really listen to another person’s point of view even if she does not agree with them endeared her to me.

Abigail Taylor is the CEO of a prominent biosystems firm in Australia. She is passionate about what she does and she loves the community she serves. My heart really goes out to Abigail because she is under so much pressure because her livelihood and freedom is being threatened by someone who is trying to frame her and tarnish her reputation. I admire her determination to push on with her work and her life despite all of the stumbling blocks in her way. Abigail is definitely a phenomenal woman indeed!

The Writing Style

I have fallen in love with the author’s description of the Australian landscape! The characters and their personalities were well developed and I enjoyed the slow and steady pace of the story because my curiosity and interest was at an all-time high.

The Pros

I love the fact that the author underscored the point that love can make a person see themselves in a different way. I also enjoyed reading about an awesome butch woman in uniform (Oh my gosh, I love to read stories with butch women in it!) and a CEO of a biosystems firm.

The Cons

There was nothing that I did not love about this story.

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

Nothing about this story was typical or mundane and I was captivated by the unusual beginning. I spent a lot of time shaking my head at Abigail and having a one-sided conversation with my kindle as Marlee tried to find out who had ill intentions toward Abigail and her company. Another thing I can say about this awesome story is this—it is an enthralling and hard to put down book, once you start reading it you’re going to be anxious to find out what’s going to happen next!

Excerpt from My Forever Hero by Karen Legasy

“I’m so glad to meet you and your mom.” Marlee’s teeth were chattering and her body felt numb. “How did you find me?”

“I spotted you on the water with my drone.” He picked up the control and showed it to Marlee. “You were on your surfboard, then disappeared, and Mum noticed the shark. She freaked.”

“I bet.” Marlee shivered in the warm sun as her cold, wet body craved heat. “What’s your mother’s name?”

“Abigail. You should have seen her when she saw there was a shark about to attack you. She jumped on the water scooter even though it wasn’t safe.”

“She’s my hero,” Marlee said. “And so are you.”

Abigail returned and handed Marlee a towel. “We’ll head back in now.” She stood at the controls. “I’ll take us from here, Josh.”

“Sure.” He went into the cabin.

Marlee watched Abigail ensure the water scooter was properly tethered at the back of the boat then braced for an awkward ride back to shore. She struggled to lower the zipper on her wetsuit, hands shaking and teeth chattering as she stared at her feet.

“I lost one of my booties.” Marlee raised her naked foot. “I lost my new board too. I guess it’s a sign because I sure won’t be doing that again.”

“I hope not,” Abigail said.

“Thank you, Abigail. Your son told me your name. You saved my life.” Marlee studied the attractive blonde at the controls. The bikini hugged Abigail in all the right places, highlighting firm round breasts and a tight bottom.

“You need to drink something.” Abigail leaned toward the cabin opening. Josh, could you please toss me up a couple bottles of water and some fruit?”

Marlee accepted water and a banana for sustenance as her body trembled during the silent ride back. A relaxing respite from her stressful position as a sergeant with the Ottawa Police Service had turned into a nightmare. She had chosen Australia for her three-month personal leave because their summer was her winter and she’d always dreamed of visiting the land down under.

Marlee had planned to master surfing while in Australia. Learn how to ride the waves and find balance to become a stronger person. After a few lessons, she bought a surfboard and had been practicing on her own away from others so she could feel comfortable making mistakes.

Her number one rule on the job was to never let her guard down because an error in judgement could mean death. Dying was something Marlee had prepared herself for, as she took many calculated risks in her work. For her, dying young meant being a hero, risking her life to save someone else’s. Dying over some stupid stunt hadn’t been in the plans and she was ashamed. Especially since she’d also put this beautiful stranger in danger.

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