Monica McCallan Talks Sex In FanFic: Podcast

Monica McCallan talks sex in FanFic in this podcast hosted by Sheena. This podcast is part of a sex in lesfic series.

In this episode:

  • Where you can find Fanfic
  • Why authors like writing fanfic
  • Using tags to find how explicit you want
  • What is FanFic doing that LesFic (LesbianFiction) is not doing?
  • FanFic allows for kinks to be explored where lesfic doesn’t necessarily
  • The evolution of fanfic becoming lesfic
  • The language choice for sex scenes and how it affects the reader experience

Listen to the podcast here

Fanfic Recs

Stay the Night

Maybe I’ll Start To Believe It – (Monica’s Juliantina Fanfic)

Books Discussed

Then and Now by Monica McCallan

Monica McCallan Online





TLR reviews of Monica’s Books

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She discovered lesbian fiction when she was 19. Radclyffe and Karin Kallmaker soon became favourite authors and she spent a large part of her hard earned income on shipping books from to her home in South Africa.

Over the years she became frustrated with purchasing mediocre lesbian fiction feeling like it was a waste of her money and time. And so she decided to share only the best books and movies with lesbians who are looking for only the best. And so, The Lesbian Review was born