Moment of Weakness by KG MacGregorMoment of Weakness by KG MacGregor is a romance that doesn’t follow the usual track of a les-fic romance. Captain Suzann (Zann) Redeker is married to reporter Marleigh Anderhall and they live in the small town of Colfax, Vermont. The story opens in the midst of their relationship and all is definitely not well. Captain Redeker sustained an extensive injury in Afghanistan as the leader of the Female Engagement Team. She earned a Bronze Star, the highest honor for a Marine but she lost one of her own as well. Her transition to civilian life and the stresses of her injury are challenging. When she discovers new information about her last battle in Afghanistan, it psychologically and emotionally knocks her out. She starts to doubt all that she knows about who she is. Zann has been Marleigh’s hero, the one who swept her off her feet and into the life she only dreamed about. But when the story opens, Zann isn’t feeling like a hero and Marleigh sees the distance between them growing.

The Characters

I like Zann and Marleigh and I rooted for them from Chapter one on. This story belongs to Zann and it’s her personality and interior life that the reader learns about and cares about. The struggles that Zann feels as she lives with her injury and tries to adjust to civilian life after her tour of duty in Afghanistan multiply after the new information about her tour of duty surfaces.

The Writing Style

The author’s use of time in this story keeps the pages turning as the reader learns bit by bit how Zann and Marleigh met, what happened to Zann in Afghanistan, and who they are. We know this as we move into the present and the author feeds us background information about Zann and Marleigh’s relationship. This kept me wanting more and made this reader want to jump into the story and help them. You know when you read a story and you start muttering, “No, don’t go there. Don’t do that!” That was me, after quiet hours, at the campground where I brought the book along to read.

The Pros

I loved the story and the way I learned about Zann and Marleigh’s relationship – not in a straight timeline, but moving backward and forward in time. K G MacGregor’s characters are well developed and have flaws. I love that. I loved the romance. I loved the suspense and the action that built as Zann and Marleigh navigated this turbulent time in their relationship and something else (which is a spoiler, so I’m not going any further).

The Cons

No cons here. This book does contain military battle scenes and mild violence in the action scenes. But I’m not a reader of military, action, or anything with violence and I loved this book. Everything works for me as a reader. (whoops, I guess that should go in the Pros section, shouldn’t it?)

The Conclusion

I highly recommend this book to K G MacGregor fans. If you haven’t read K G MacGregor, this book is a great place to start. If you don’t normally read les-fic with characters who have served in the military, make this your first. You won’t regret it.

Excerpt from Moment of Weakness by K G MacGregor

“Good afternoon, Captain Zann.”

Zann instinctively drew herself up and thrust her shoulders back, surprised at how glad she was to see Marleigh again.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist calling you that…seeing as how you don’t look like a civilian right now.”

“It’s just for today. Totally ceremonial.” She said a polite goodbye to Sandy and her son and stepped outside the shade of the tent. “With any luck this’ll be my last appearance in uniform for the foreseeable future.”

“Too bad. Looks good on you. In fact, I think it makes you look kind of…I shouldn’t say.”

Zann blocked her turn by stepping in front.

“Oh, no. You can’t start a sentence like that and not finish it. I look kind of what?”

Marleigh’s mischievous look gave way to a grin.

“Kind of amazing…but then I have a thing for women in uniform.”

“Is that a fact?” Now giddy with interest, she congratulated herself on her initial instinct about Marleigh. “Do say yes, Miss Anderhall.”

“Yes, it’s a fact.”

With mock seriousness, Zann nodded and asked, “And this uniform fetish of yours…is it perhaps something you’d like to discuss further? Assuming of course you’re free to fraternize. I wouldn’t want to be accused of conduct unbecoming. Officer’s code and all.”

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Note: I received a free review copy of Moment of Weakness by KG MacGregor . No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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