Mistress-on-her-knees-by-Anastasia-VitskyMistress on her Knees by AnastasiaVitsky begins with a delightful list of Top 10 Reasons Why Dommes Shouldn’t Date Each Other. It is told from the perspective of both main characters, Trinity and Graciela. This is an amusing and unusual beginning to a book about spanking and dom/submissive relationships. It had me so intrigued that I happily kept reading and discovered, in this book,  an unusually well done study of the delicate balance and relationships that are involved in the S&M world.

The story is about two characters with a history, including a messy breakup.

When Trinity calls Graciela for help things get complicated. Graciela doesn’t feel like she can say no, yet she is still heartbroken over Trinity.

The Characters

The characters were clearly defined, very different from each other and we actually care about them. The dialogue was well written, the point of view change was flawless and the attraction between them was palpable.

The Writing Style

Anastasia Vitsky writes well. Her narrative jumps backwards and forwards in time, heightening the tension and filling in back story, yet she does it smoothly and keeps the pages turning.

It is also worth noting that Vitsky managed to get me cheering for the main characters and wanting them to get back together, even though they had so much history. It is much easier to write a book with this effect when there is a new romance blooming, which just shows how flawless Vitsky’s writing was.

The Pros

This was a well thought out, nicely written and intriguing book. Great characters, interesting spanking scenes and a love that you just couldn’t deny.

The Cons

I don’t have any real down sides for this book. It was a lovely read and I finished it really fast.

The Conclusion

If you haven’t read any Anastasia Vitsky then do yourself a favour and pick up this book. It is a nice addition to a lesbian romance collection.

This is a must have book for anyone who wants a little bit of naughty and a lot of nice.

Book Quote

“Get out.”

“Please, Gracie, if you’d just let me explain –”

“Get out or I’ll call the police and have them physically remove you.”

Trinity fell to her knees, weeping. “Mistress! My Mistress, please forgive me. I’m so sorry. Punish me–”

I turned away and picked up the phone. “Yes, this is Graciela Fairbanks at eight forty-nine Lilac Drive. I’d like to report an intruder, please.”

As Trinity got to her feet and backed toward the door she offered me one last plea. “You said you would guide me, protect me. You said there was nothing inside of me you couldn’t love.”

My head wants to agree. I ache to give her the chastisement she needs, to clear the slate, and to welcome her back. But my heart has turned into a brick of fruitcake, leaden and useless.

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