Missing the Tag by BD Gates: New Release

With their Happily-Ever-After firmly in place, Tess and Bishop are settling into married life in Tenley, Virginia. It’s a quiet little town–not quite off the beaten path, but enough that if you wanted trouble, you’d have to go looking for it.

Have you met Bishop?

Pop-up shops selling leather pocketbooks, purses, cases, and bags spark Bishop’s instincts to investigate, believing the goods to be counterfeit, and Tess has her hands full reining her in, reminding Bishop that her present life in the Witness Security program cuts her off from the life she left behind in Baltimore.

With a broken promise, keeping secrets, and another woman pursuing Bishop for sport, more than just the honeymoon could be over for the happy couple.

And erasing a lifetime creates big problems when Bishop’s memory holds the key.

The clock is ticking and the danger is closer than they know.

Title: Missing the Tag

Author: B.D. Gates

Release Date: 20 Jan 2020

Genre: Action/Adventure Romance

Series: Bishop’s Run Series

Can be read as a Stand-Alone Action/Adventure Romance in the Bishop’s Run series

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