The Missing Comatose Woman by Sarah Ettritch is a new adult, cozy mystery story that deals with learning the gentle art of loving, finding your purpose in life and following your dreams.

Casey Cook is the new kid on the block in the private eye business. She is eager to prove herself and she never thought that she would get a case to find a missing person, but there’s one problem—she has to find a missing comatose woman. Casey finds herself in a few ridiculous and embarrassing situations in order for her to get the answers she desperately needs. She really wants to succeed with this case because she has turned her life upside down to become a private eye and she doesn’t want to go back to working in fast food joints or retail stores. Even though Casey is not the luckiest person in the world when it comes to love or money, she is persistent and she refuses to give up on the case even when she runs into numerous dead ends. Sometimes love finds you when you least expect it and Casey finds love in the last place she expected to find it while she tries to solve this bizarre case.

Will Casey be able to bask in her budding relationship and work on this weird and demanding case at the same time? Will Casey succeed in finding the missing comatose woman?

The Characters

Casey Cook is a newly licensed private eye and she is determined to be successful. She has made a name for herself by reuniting missing pets with their worried and grateful owners. I adore Casey because she is such an honest and generous person. Casey wants her grandmother to be proud of the career choice she has made and even though she is new to the private eye business—she goes above and beyond for her clients. There were many times throughout this story where I wished that I could have been able to reach through my kindle to hug Casey because so many people underestimated her skills and her determination to become a seasoned private eye who could solve any case.

Emily is a college student and she works part-time at her family’s coffee shop. I really love her genuinely warm and affable personality. She always has a beaming smile and a kind word for Casey every time she sees her in the shop. Emily is the type of friend anyone would love to have because she will be there to support you through any bizarre situation and though she is little, she is definitely fierce!

The Writing Style

I must hand it to the author, she has a unique way of portraying her vibrant and charming characters. The humour blends in so well with the puzzling and difficult circumstances that Casey had to face and this made the story even more entertaining for me. I really enjoyed this fast paced cozy mystery because there were no dull moments and I got wonderful descriptions of coffee and desserts (these things have a special place in my heart and in my stomach!)

The Pros

I just love unusual storylines and this one hit the jackpot! Nothing about this story was predictable and I enjoyed every word of it because I was laughing even while I was wondering about what would happen next.

The Cons

This story was way too short! I wanted more of these delightful characters!

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

Now this is the type of cozy mystery I love to read! I enjoyed the hilarious banter between Casey and her grandma, her search for ‘the one who will own her heart’ and the quirky investigation techniques she used as she went around in circles trying to find the missing comatose woman. I got several questioning, side-eye looks from whoever was lucky enough to be around me whenever I chuckled and shook my head at Casey’s blunders while I was reading this book (have no fear, I am perfectly sane… Hmmm, at least I think so…)

Excerpt from The Missing Comatose Woman by Sarah Ettritch

“Casey Cook?” a woman said.

“Um, speaking.”

“Oh, thank god! I was talking to a friend and she said maybe you could help me because you’ve helped a couple of people before and—”

“Slow down, slow down.” Casey plunked onto the bed. Midnight uncurled and shot her a dirty look. “Sorry,” she mouthed to the cat.

The woman on the other end sucked in a couple of deep breaths. “My mother is missing. A friend said you might be able to find her.”

“I’ve helped people find their missing pets,” Casey said as she stroked Mid. “I’ve never found a missing person before.” As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she kicked herself. Telling prospective clients that she was inexperienced would never land her a case. Every private investigator had started out with a zero in the found persons column, right? “But that doesn’t mean—”

“Look, I’m desperate. My mother’s been missing for over a month. You’ve got to help me!”

Casey suppressed a whoop. It looked like her spanking new PI license was about to see some action. “Why don’t we meet and talk about it, Ms… uh—”

“Myers. Ellen Myers. I can swing by your office after work. What’s the address?”

Shit. If she didn’t tell the truth, it would come back to bite her. “I usually meet clients at a local coffee shop.” Okay, half the truth. After meeting Myers, it would be the truth.

“Oh. Sure. Diane said you were just starting out.”



“Jenkins?” Casey echoed, not sure she’d heard Myers correctly.


Considering that Diane had tried to persuade her not to “waste her time” studying for the licensing exam, she was the last friend Casey had expected would recommend her services. “How far away are you from Third and Jones?”

“Not far at all. I can be in that area by quarter after five.”

“I’ll wait for you outside the coffee shop on the northeast corner. I’ll be wearing…” A trench coat and fedora? No. “Jeans and a gray hoodie. Brown hair. Slim.”

“I wish I could say I was slim,” Myers wailed. “I’ll be the anxious woman with desperation in her eyes. God, I hope you can help me. See you later.” The line went dead.

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