Midnight Magic by Cameron DarrowMidnight Magic by Cameron Darrow is a hilarious fantasy and romance novel that features quirky wizards and fantastic magical beings.

For as long as she could remember, Vimika has always been treated as a second-class citizen. She desperately needs a fresh start in a new town far away from Atvalia but Vimika works for herself and self-employed wizards don’t make much money. Vimika was lucky enough to be offered a job that could help her turn her dreams of a simple and quiet life into reality so she decides to take it. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Even though taking this job means that Vimika will have to track down and find a creature that doesn’t exist or one that humans and wizards have been banned from owning for the last two hundred years. Money is the beginning and end all of everything and Vimika is absolutely certain that money will solve all of her problems.

Self-deception is the biggest deception of all time.

Vimika knew that she shouldn’t have taken the job and now she can’t access her magic no matter how hard she tries. She is trapped in a strange and impossible place with a wizard who has been living in a time warp for hundreds of years. Vimika and Aurelai will have to deal with the illusions that are trying to keep them imprisoned while they also have to contend with their own emotional baggage, past betrayals and disappointments.

Will Vimika and Aurelai be able to break free from the illusions and the sinister magic all around them or will they perish in their pursuit of freedom and happiness?

The Characters

Vimika is a self-employed wizard who just wants to start over somewhere peaceful and far away from humans. Aurelai has been trapped in a world of illusions and powerful magic and she has been isolated from everyone for the last two hundred years. I have a lot of respect for these phenomenal women because they have been betrayed by people who should have never let them down in the first place yet they’ve grown through their pain and they’ve become better women for it. Vimika and Aurelai are the kind of women I would like to hang out with because I love Vimika’s dry and sarcastic sense of humor and her willingness to help others despite the challenges she may face. Plus, I really admire Aurelai’s resilience and I am truly impressed with the fact that she doesn’t shy away from taking huge risks. I don’t think my book dragon and I will ever be able to forget these lovely women.

The Writing Style

At this very moment, my book dragon and I are in awe of Cameron Darrow’s unique, engaging and downright amusing writing style. I couldn’t get enough of the awesome world-building and the vivid descriptions of the city of Atvalia, Aurelai’s home and the spellbound forest that bridges the gap between reality, illusion and timelessness. This is the first book that I’ve ever read from Cameron Darrow and I can definitely say that it won’t be the last because I’m going to be on the lookout for more wonderful stories from this author!

The Pros

This author certainly deserves the highest of fives because they gave me a captivating story with beguiling wizards, ancient and powerful spells and unbelievable magical creatures. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was living my best life when I tagged along with Vimika and Aurelai while they were doing everything in their power to right past wrongs. I also had a front row seat to the undeniable passion that was brewing between them. What could possibly be better than that?

The Cons

You won’t get any complaints from me!

The Conclusion

aprils favourite booksIf you’re in the mood to devour an engrossing fantasy with a healthy dose of romance, then you’re in luck because this story has everything that you’re looking for. Trust me, you won’t want to put this book down once you start reading because you’ll find a couple of priceless life lessons embedded within it and you’ll get to hang out with the coolest wizards ever!

Excerpt from Midnight Magic by Cameron Darrow

“Hello,” she croaked, half in wonder and half in not knowing what else to do when confronted with something like this so soon after regaining a consciousness she wasn’t entirely sure how she’d lost.

The wizard started in surprise before clapping her hands together. “Ah! You can hear! And still speak! Splendid.”

Tendrils of black hair reached for Vimika as the wizard swept into a comically deep bow, hooking one ankle behind the other under a dress finer than any Vimika had ever seen on a wizard. A satin red the color of blood, trimmed with icy silver, it was of a style she’d never seen on a living person. Museums tended to frown on exhibits that could talk back.

“How do you do?” the wizard asked for the third time.

Vimika blinked, but nothing became any clearer. “I don’t know. Where am I? Who are you?”

This seemed to catch the stranger off guard, and she straightened in a remarkable show of balance and poise that Vimika would have been hard-pressed to replicate without hurting herself.

Black eyes cast about as if for rescue, but none came. “I… am Aurelai. And this is my home. Which I should probably explain. Ah… that is, do you remember running towards a clearing when you were in the forest?”

“Sort of. I was aiming for the sun more than anything.”

Aurelai nodded. “Thank you ever so much for coming. Your hat and robe were filthy and had little bits of ice in them. I hope you don’t mind my removing them before bringing you inside. I do like to keep things clean.”

Vimika shot a panicked look downward to see that beneath the blanket she was thankfully still in her tunic and flying trousers, even if they weren’t much better off than her robe had been.

“I wasn’t about to undress an unconscious person,” Aurelai said. “Unless that’s acceptable now?”


“It is not.”

Vimika should have been alarmed to the point of some kind of cardiac episode to find herself in the wizard’s laboratory. Much like Vimika’s own only three times bigger, stocked the way hers was too when she closed her eyes and imagined it really hard. Fortunately, the weight of her envy was enough to tamp down the terror.

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