The Matchmaker by Natasha WestThe Matchmaker by Natasha West is the story of a woman who helps others find true love and can never find love herself because of an ancient curse on her family. The question is what happens when she meets her one true love?

In the age of dating websites and apps that allow you to connect to more people than ever it can be difficult to find that elusive love. This is where Cleo comes in. She is a matchmaker. And she is darn good at it. She can find love for just about anyone.

But a curse that was put on her ancestor means that she can find true love for everyone but herself. Resigned to the fact that her love life is as empty as her refrigerator, Cleo focuses on her matchmaking business and soon becomes wildly successful. But one day she has a chance meeting with a woman who sets her senses tingling and she really wishes she could give it a go with her.

Scarlett Smith is a divorcee with one dating disaster after another under her belt. When she meets a cute woman in the park she feels definite chemistry and is hopeful that perhaps this time she has found a princess charming rather than a frog. But the woman ends up giving her a business card instead and offers to help Scarlett fix her love life with her matchmaking services.

When Scarlett decides to take Cleo up on her offer she isn’t prepared for the crazy chemistry between her and Cleo nor is she prepared for the story that Cleo tells her as an explanation for why they can never be together.

But what if fate has other plans for the women? This crazy rom com had me laughing, cringing and adoring the women as they take a rather rocky road to love.

The Characters

I loved both main characters and the funny, cute and wonderful world in which they both exist. I also loved Cleo’s relationship with her cat. The small touches like that made this book a definite favourite.

The Writing Style

Natasha West nailed the rom com with this book. The romance and comedy are both on point and I laughed, cringed and fell in love. Her writing is crisp and her humour is exactly right for me.

The Pros

West does great characters and fantastic humour and this book showcases both perfectly.

The Cons


sheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

You should absolutely get this book. It’s the best kind of romance with memorable characters and a lovely plot that just made me a happy reader.

If you love a good rom com then this is your next read.

Excerpt from The Matchmaker by Natasha West

‘She was a Breadcrumber,’ Cleo said with utter confidence. ‘It’s something people in serious relationships with a streak of vanity do sometimes. Drop little hints to get you interested. So they can get off on someone being into them without actually crossing the line into infidelity. Classic.’

‘Is it?’ Scarlett asked. She’d never heard that term.

‘Yeah. She might have pretended to be offended but she totally wanted you to say it was a date. Actually, I bet she really wanted you to go in for the kiss.’

Scarlett was intrigued. ‘And then what would happen?’

‘One of two things,’ Cleo began assuredly. ‘She’d either say, ‘Woah, Nelly!’ and act like you’d done something crazy, or she’d snog you for a few seconds and then act all dramatic about it before running off back to her wife.’

‘And how do you know this?’ Scarlett asked.

‘It’s my job to know,’ Cleo told her. ‘I’m a matchmaker.’

‘A matchmaker?’ Scarlett repeated. ‘I didn’t realise people still did that. I thought it was all done digitally now.’

‘Common misconception,’ Cleo said dismissively. ‘But anyway, point is, I know a lot about dating. And she was a Breadcrumber. No question.’

‘So you can just listen to us talking for five minutes and know all that?’ Scarlett asked, doubtfully.  

‘Yes. Like I know your divorce happened in the last couple of weeks.’

Scarlett’s mouth dropped open. ‘How did you-’

Cleo raised an eyebrow and grinned, pleased with herself. ‘I’m right, aren’t I?’

‘Well…’ Scarlett said and then didn’t know what more she could say.

She’d met Cleo five minutes ago. This was… What was it? Annoying? That didn’t really cover it. Scarlett felt like someone had just ripped her dress off and she was now left to try and conceal her nudity with her hands.

Cleo stopped grinning. ‘I’m sorry. Too far. It’s not my business. Or it is my business. But you’re not actually my client.’

Scarlett tried to shake off the feeling of exposure. ‘That’s… It’s alright.’

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