Make My Bed by King PrincessMake My Bed by King Princess is a quintessentially pop album overflowing with passionate lyrics and great hooks. I have some seriously mad love for this EP.  While it is short (there are only five tracks), there is a wonderful variety in style and subject matter covered.  In fact, you may find yourself as I did, entirely breathless by the end as there is a heck of a lot of emotional punch packed into the brief album.   The combination of pop sound with her sultry and raspy voice is extremely sensual and her strong vocals convey intense emotion.  Also, King Princess has some killer swagger.  The appeal of her overall confident and suave presence gives her music a fabulous aura, drawing you in like the proverbial moth to the flame.  This EP exudes and embraces queerness and is absolutely brimming with personality.

My Favourite Songs

“Talia” is an emotionally searing track detailing the pain felt when a lover has left and you are unable to move on, haunted by memories of them.  The song begins with a short, rapidly intensifying and dramatic instrumental build culminating with King Princess’s sultry voice calling out to her past lover.  Her vocals combined with the rhythmic snapping in the background at times are reminiscent of an oldies tune, but one wonderfully mixed with a fresh new pop sound. It is an amazingly heartbreaking song.

“Upper West Side” while still pop, has a slightly more rock-ish sound to it with a harder percussion that is backed by some great guitars and strong vocals.  The song laments the fact that she is attracted to a woman who is inherently fake and material, as well as in ‘another league’.  It is a bit of a rail against the rich as she struggles with the fact that she doesn’t want to be but can’t help being attracted to her. 

“Holy” is yet another example of King Princess’s mastery of the pop sound.  The pointedly sexual lyrics are simply scorching as she demands her lover’s worship and promises to reward it in kind.  This is a sensual and lusty song that goes straight from your ears to your hips as you find yourself unable to stop swaying to the music.

“1950” is my favourite song on the EP.  It is both a song of unrequited love and one of a love that must be hidden, reflecting personal struggles while also acknowledging those of queer lovers in the past.  It has an incredibly catchy hook and once again beautifully showcases her raspy and sultry voice.  The melancholy lyrics are beautifully juxtaposed against the light and catchy pop sound creating a wonderful contrast of emotions and increasing your investment into song’s narrative.

Highly Recommended by MichelleThe Conclusion

This EP is emotionally charged and gloriously queer.  It may be short, but it is a high-speed rollercoaster of emotions.  Yet despite the intense emotions and resultant breathlessness, I find myself desperately yearning for more.  I am aching with anticipation to hear what she comes out with next but in the meantime, I will happily leave this EP on repeat. 

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