Magic-in-her-Touch-by-Kate-McLayMagic In Her Touch by Kate McLay is a surprisingly good short story. At only 125 pages it is a little less than half the length of a traditional lesbian romance and yet McLay managed a fun little novel that was filled with action, drama and romance.

The story is about Mina Poole and Darby Guerin. Both women are witches from ancient family lines of witches.

Mina is a powerful witch who loathes her father and was only too happy to leave home. The story starts with her returning begrudgingly when her mother sends for her. As it turns out, Mina’s mother is hoping to persuade Mina to bind herself to a woman whose family and influence will grow their family prosperity.

Mina reluctantly agrees to a blind date with the woman and instead ends up in a local bar. There she meets a woman who captures her attention with beauty and the use of magic.

Darby isn’t a very powerful witch but that doesn’t stop her from using her powers to hustle arrogant assholes in pool. When she meets Mina at a bar she forgets all about the arranged marriage that her mother is trying to persuade her into.

Mina and Darby almost spend an unforgettable night together until they are interrupted by a phone call. Little do they know, that call will be the just the beginning of a journey to save two innocent young women.

The Characters

The women are clear and easy to identify from one another. The sub characters are fun and I enjoyed the witty dialogue.

The Writing Style

McLay’s mini novel was surprisingly good. It had good pacing; nice character interplay and a description of the way the women made each other feel that was as unique as it was brilliant.

The Pros

It was a good story and an easy read. Magic in her touch is absolutely worth a read.

The Cons

I do not like the cover. It doesn’t represent the women or the essence of the story.

The Conclusion

Magic In Her Touch by Kate McLay was a fantastic read. McLay is a talented author with a large imagination. It would be tragic if she didn’t turn this story into a series.

Magic In Her Touch is well worth a read and I will be sure to keep a look out for more from this author.

Magic-in-her-Touch-by-Kate-McLayExcerpt from Magic In Her Touch by Kate McLay

The men stepped aside and let a woman approach the table. Her long brown hair was held back in a ponytail, but she blew her bangs out of her eyes rather than pin them back. If not for the clear hostility between the men and that woman, Mina would have assumed that she was on a date with one of them. She wore a tight black dress that was barely long enough to cover her ass when she bent over to take her shot. Mina leaned forward and admired the curve of her legs, grateful for the woman’s taste in clothing. She even spotted a high heel.

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