Made In London by Clare LydonMade in London by Clare Lydon is a romance about facing your fears and finding true love as a result.

Photographer Heidi Hughes is ready to jump back into the dating game now that her daughter, Maya, is approaching her 2nd birthday. It’s been a long time since she’s been in a relationship, and she’s looking for a special woman who’s going to love her and Maya equally.

Eden Price’s world runs like a well-oiled machine. She’s structured it around her career, and she’s incredibly successful. She’s happy with her small group of friends, and with a new kitten on the way, she thinks she’s got it all. However, Eden hasn’t been very successful when it comes to relationships, and she’s beginning to think it’s time to give one a try.

When Heidi and Eden keep bumping into each other, it seems like they’re destined to be together. There’s an instant attraction, but when Heidi mentions her daughter, Eden is ready to bolt. Can Eden reconcile the pain from her own childhood to embrace a future with a single mom?

The Characters

Heidi and Eden feel like they’re meant to be together after they share a scorching kiss at a music festival. (Clearly, I have been going to the wrong music festivals.) Their attraction leaps off the page, but I knew there were going to be challenges because, after all, this is a romance.

Heidi’s a bit apprehensive about dating. She’s a single mom, and she’s not so sure there’s a Ms. Right out there who’s going to take her and her daughter as a package deal. I think she’s truly optimistic seeing that she kept giving Eden chance after chance. Perhaps, being a mom is the reason she has so much patience with Eden. The hot sex certainly works in Eden’s favor as well. Despite Heidi’s easygoing nature, there comes a point when she realizes either Eden has to commit or it’s time to move on.

Eden is the more complex of the two women. At face value, she’s winning at life. Sure, she says she doesn’t want a relationship; there are plenty of women who don’t need to check that box. As the story progresses, the reader gets to see snapshots from her childhood, and her aversion to settling down with a single mother begins to make perfect sense. I love a character that has a long-standing belief system rooted in a heart-rending childhood. Eden and Heidi’s future rests on her willingness to acknowledge her wounded inner child and work through that pain. At times I wondered if she was up to the task, but then I remembered—this is a romance.

The Writing Style

Clare Lydon never disappoints. Her books always have spectacular character development and their plots constantly take the reader on unexpected adventures. The dialogue in Made in London is sharp as can be, and Lydon’s knack for situational humor is unmatched. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Lydon should be writing rom-coms for the big screen.

The Pros

Characters from other books in The London Romance Series make appearances in Made in London, and I absolutely love it. Make no mistake, Made in London is a stand-alone, but it’s nice to catch up with characters I’m so attached to. It’s like a family reunion except Uncle Gary isn’t there getting drunk and talking politics.

The Cons

Heidi is a great mother, and she makes it a point of telling Eden she and Maya are a package deal. I was hoping for a scene or two showing Eden and Maya bonding to complete Eden’s character arc.

The Conclusion

There’s never any doubt in my mind that when I have the opportunity to read the latest Clare Lydon novel, I will be entertained. I’m always there for it, and I’m already impatiently waiting for her next offering. Like all her books, Made in London has the perfect combination of comedic situations and heartfelt moments. The entire London Series is captivating, and I invite you to jump in and enjoy these romantic tales.

Excerpt from Made in London by Clare Lydon

Eden shook her head. She rarely thought about the past. What was the point? Especially her past. The future was what interested her. Not that Heidi was her future. But Eden was entertaining a date with Heidi, which showed Heidi had broken through her shiny veneer. Heidi was a special case.

Eden didn’t date because relationships didn’t work. People left, died, or broke your heart. Love of any sort—romantic or family—was risky. However, she and Heidi seemed to be on the same page. Happy being single. Willing to go on a date. If it didn’t work out, no hard feelings.

That kiss, though. That had been something else. The feel of it had stayed with Eden ever since: dazzling, electric. Something she wished they’d started at least five minutes earlier, so it could have lasted longer before their friends got back and called time. Hopefully, when they met up again, they could pick up where they’d left off.

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