Love Without Limits by Harper BlissLove Without Limits by Harper Bliss is the seventh book in her Pink Bean series. It’s also the first book in this series that brings back one of the previous couples as the main characters. You don’t necessarily have to have read Everything Between Us to pick up Love Without Limits, but I’d recommend you do mostly because I adored that book and think everyone should read it.

Josephine Greenwood and Caitlin James are still together, they’re madly in love, and are even living together in Caitlin’s luxury condo. Caitlin is now hosting a talk show, having taken over from Zoya Das (Caitlin’s good friend and one of the leads in This Foreign Affair—and yes, you should read that too if you haven’t because it’s my favourite in the series!). Jo is still working away at her dissertation, making cappuccinos at the Pink Bean, and her singing career is taking off.

When Caitlin tells Jo about her new boss hitting on her, Jo asks if it’s time for them to have “the talk.” Caitlin’s view that monogamy is an outdated and unnecessary convention is widely known, but she never expected them to talk about it so soon, or that Jo would be the one to kickstart the conversation. Is their relationship ready for its next frontier?

The Characters

I was thrilled to get another book with Jo and Caitlin because not only did I love their first book together, but it’s been clear in the other books since their debut that their relationship is ready for a shake-up. Jo has truly blossomed from who she was in Everything Between Us (which was really her book, as it was told in the first person from her perspective), and is very secure in both who she is and her relationship with Caitlin. And while Caitlin is the same bold, confident woman we first met, we also see a more vulnerable side to her as she realizes she needs more time than Jo can offer while working three jobs. I loved that Bliss flipped the perspective in Love Without Limits, so that it’s told in the first person by Caitlin, letting us see what she goes through as she navigates needing more from Jo and also their first forays into opening up their relationship.

The Writing Style

Love Without Limits is very well written, with excellent character work, solid plotting, great pacing, and some damn fine sex writing. That said, because it’s about polyamory, it’s not a book that will be for everyone. There isn’t much polyamorous representation in lesfic, so it was great to not only see it, but to see it done well. Bliss uses Caitlin and Jo’s conversations throughout the book to showcase how crucial authentic communication is for making an open relationship work.

The Pros

Everything worked for me.

The Cons

Like I said, the polyamory thing isn’t going to be for everyone. But this is NOT a cheating book in the slightest, since Jo and Caitlin are fully involved and aware in every interaction and talk about things thoroughly (including what they are and are not comfortable with).

The Conclusion

Love Without Limits is a great addition to the Pink Bean series and I highly recommend it. If you haven’t read the rest of the series and want to pick it up anyway because you’re intrigued by the premise, you could totally could. I still think you should read the rest of the books though because they’re wonderful and it’s one of my favourite series going!

Excerpt from Love Without Limits by Harper Bliss

“Who’s Cleo?” Jo asks after Michelle has left.

“Her partner. I think.” I take the opportunity to hold Jo’s gaze for longer than a second. “Hey, you were wonderful. Again.” I lean in to kiss her. “What do you think about Michelle?”

“She’s, um, very…” She weighs her words. “American. But I like her straightforwardness. And, well, she’s hot.”


“She’s your ex. Surely you had noticed.” Jo slants her head. Michelle teasing me seems to have rubbed off on her.

“That’s usually not how you speak of people. In terms of hot.”

“I spoke of you like that when we met.”

“Only when we met?” I lean in to kiss her again.

“You’re still hot.” Jo kisses me on the lips. “And so is she. More so in real life than in the pictures you showed me. She’s very likable also.”

“Enough compliments for my ex already.” I put a hand on her upper thigh.

“Sorry for disturbing you, lovebirds.” Michelle has already made it back to the table. “But I come carrying booze.” She sits. “Hot damn, you two look so disgustingly happy together.”

Jo straightens her posture. I have no choice but to follow her example.

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Everything Between Us

This Foreign Affair

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Love Without Limits

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  • ISBN number: 9789887801382
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