Love Waits by Gerri Hill Love Waits by Gerri Hill is a contemporary les-fic romance about secret high school sweethearts who meet again as adults. Twenty years after high school, Ashleigh Pence is a powerful attorney and Gina Granbury co-owns a marketing company. Each of them has carried the hurt and betrayal from their young romance for many years. An invitation to their twentieth high school reunion brings them together once again.

The Characters 

Ashleigh Pence was a high school cheerleader and prom queen at Calloway High who dreamed of one day working in a corner office in the big city.  Ashleigh didn’t seem to be interested in dating anyone, until she saw Gina at a party. She’s confused at first by her attraction to a girl. Gina Granbury played high school basketball and loved to draw. Gina knows she’s attracted to girls and Ashleigh seems out of reach for all kinds of reasons.

The Writing Style 

The story moves back and forth between the present and Ashleigh and Gina’s high school romance. The reader moves through the days of their high school romance as the characters get closer to the date of their twentieth high school reunion. The point of view alternates between Ashleigh and Gina so the reader gets to know what’s going on in each of their heads.

The Pros 

The high school romance is the engine in this story and it purrs. I liked that Ms Hill gave the reader a heads up at the beginning of each chapter that was either in the past or in the present. I always knew who was talking and whether it was the high school version of Ashleigh and Gina or the adult version.

The Cons

None for me.

laney-favourite-booksThe Conclusion 

I loved it. I described this book to a friend of mine as ‘yummy.’ It’s a romance for romantics and those who like a bit of steam in a love story.

Excerpt from Love Waits by Gerri Hill

“The fact that you had a female lover when you were a junior in high school is not as shocking to me as learning you were a cheerleader,” Julie teased. “That’s just wrong. Lesbians should not be cheerleaders.”

Ashleigh flicked her gaze to Pam, noting that she was enjoying Julie’s teasing as much as Julie was. “Do you have to tell her everything?”

“Of course. You’ve been our source of entertainment for the last couple of weeks. Why do you think we invited you over for dinner?”

Ashleigh stole an olive off the snack tray, trying not to take it too personally that Pam and Julie used her for their entertainment. And really, who could blame them. Especially this week, as she had been nearly in a state of panic after the phone call. The phone call from Crissy Summers saying “you’ll never believe who RSVP’d.” But of course she could. She’d been expecting it—dreading it. She didn’t know how she knew, but she would have bet money that Gina Granbury would attend their high school reunion. She could feel it in her gut, feel it in her heart.

And how embarrassing was it going to be to have to face her, seeing Gina, no doubt with a gorgeous lover hanging on her arm, and her Ashleigh would be, forever single. Single and scarred because of Gina, she reminded herself. Single because she couldn’t recapture the magic—the passion—that they had. And scarred because Gina Granbury had shattered her heart into tiny pieces, making some lame-ass excuse about them both needing space, needing to see other people, needing to get out. Oh, yeah, Gina got out all right. She got out and into beds, that is.

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ISBN number:  9781594931864

Publisher: Bella Books

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Note: I received a free review copy of Love Waits by Gerri Hill. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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