Love On Call by RadclyffeLove On Call by Radclyffe is a sweet addition to the Rivers Community series.

In this one we get to see Glenn find love and it’s about time.

Glenn is an army veteran who now works as a medic physician assistant at the Rivers Community Hospital. She is plagued by the awful memories of her time in war and the people she couldn’t save.

Mariana Mateo is looking for a fresh start away from her family and anyone who knows her past. When she settles at the remote Rivers Community Hospital she certainly isn’t expecting to find romance, let alone a long lost cousin. But sometimes romance finds you, even at work and Mari finds herself undeniably attracted to Glenn.

When Glenn starts courting her, Mari is unsure if she can make a longer term commitment and tries to keep things casual but can you really be casual when you fall so deeply in love?

The Characters

Radclyffe brought a lovely addition to the series with the introduction of Mari and brings back some of our old favourites from the previous books too which is always fun.

I am so glad that Glenn got her happy ending because she is one of those sweet, serious characters who is a quiet pillar of the community.

The Writing Style

It’s Radclyffe so you know it’s a great read that is filled with epic ways to describe longing and passion.

The Narration

Paige McKinney did a lovely job with the narration. Her characters are clear and her pacing is good. I never got lost nor did I feel the need to speed up the process. I just sat back and enjoyed.

The Pros

I adore this entire series and highly recommend you give them all a listen.

The Cons

Nothing to see here folks, move along.

The Conclusion

Glenn and Mari are an adorable couple and the challenges they face are compelling enough to make it interesting. I love the side characters and plot lines too, it all adds a diversity to the world and makes me want to visit these people who have become friends.

This is the perfect series for anyone who wants to sink their teeth into a bunch of romances within the same community but with different main pairings.

I adore Radclyffe’s romances set in the medical world and this series is absolutely perfect if you also enjoy those.

Every book is worth a read and each one has such a unique story that you won’t feel like you have already heard it before.

If you are a fan of audiobooks then the whole series is on audio – the only downside to the audio is that every book has a different narrator which can feel jarring.

Excerpt from Love On Call by Radclyffe

The blonde with the emerald green eyes, sculpted cheekbones, and warm smile motioned her in. “That’s okay. Mari, isn’t it? Call me Abby. Have a seat.”

“Thanks.” Mari sat in one of the two chairs in front of the ER chief’s desk. “I’m afraid I’m early.” Abby grinned. “You’ll never hear complaints about that. I’m sorry Glenn isn’t here to—”

“Am I late?” a low, smooth voice inquired from the direction of the open door.

“Not at all,” Abby said. “This is Mari Mateo, our new PA. Glenn Archer is our program director, Mari.”

Mari turned in her seat, her gaze falling on a slightly taller than average woman with shaggy dusky blond hair, a lean face with slate-blue eyes, and a wide sensuous mouth above a square chin with a shadow of a cleft. The expression in those intense eyes was appraising and cautious. No quick smile and friendly welcome here. Not unfriendly, just remote.

“Good to meet you,” Glenn said in a slow, sensuous drawl. A smile flickered and was gone.

“Glenn will take care of getting you settled,” Abby said.

Mari rose, wondering just how settled she’d be when just the slow sweep of Glenn Archer’s gaze over her face made her pulse quicken.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781626398436
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  • Audiobook Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc
  • Narrator: Paige McKinney
  • Radclyffe Online  

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