Love Is Not Nothing by Lee Winter is a short follow up to Requiem For Immortals. It’s a snapshot into the life of Natalya and Alison a few years after Requiem For Immortals ends.

It answers the questions that plagued fans of the original book like Can you really tame an ice queen assassin enough to make her a viable life partner? Would her love for Alison win over her primal self? What happened to the assassins that would be gunning for her?

If you loved Requiem For Immortals then you will love this short story.

The Pros

Alison and Natalya are back and as glorious as ever. The characters are spot on, the romance is so sweet and the action is kick ass.

As always, Lee Winter writes beautifully and this story felt like it completed a puzzle that I didn’t know was missing a piece.

The Cons

My biggest con is that I doubt I am ever going to see Alison and Natalya again. But, in a way, that makes me happy because they did get their happy ever after which makes the squishy romantic in me delighted.

The Conclusion

taras favourite lesbian bookssheena's favouriteYou should absolutely get this novella. It’s short and wonderful and it gives you the perfect ending to the story of two women who occupy such a tender place in my heart.

Also, I loved the music reference.

Excerpt from Love Is Not Nothing by Lee Winter

The days since she’d hunted as Requiem. She felt her alter ego slapped from her slumber, unleashed, burning, alive–like molten metal coursing through her veins. In her mind, she could hear the thrumming, primal drum beat of Two Steps From Hell’s Protectors of Earth shaking her.

Alertness and adrenaline ripped through her with the familiarity of an old friend. She had not felt this sensation since the night she ended a corrupt, killer cop–a man she’d choked and drowned in pig swill. Even almost four years on, she could still taste the twisted jubilation mingled with ice-cold rage over what he’d done to the woman Requiem had claimed as hers. Over what he’d done to Alison’s family.

Without warning, Requiem flung herself from the table, smashing the masseuse to the floor with her bent elbow and snatching up the towel she’d been lying on.

She stood above the groggy woman, bouncing on her heels while she spun the towel into a twisted rope and tested the ends threateningly. Requiem studied the crumples form on the floor–small, lean, and most definitely not the Austrian woman she knew.

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  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing

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