The Love Doctor by SW AndersenThe Love Doctor by SW Andersen is a beautiful romance about learning to love again after profound loss.  It is about accepting that you are no longer the same, that this new love is not the same, but that it can be as powerful and true.  And realizing that it is ok to move on and embrace love once again.

There is no way to describe the joy when you find that one person, the one that grasps your heart and fills your soul with the deepest love.  Sophia Delacruz was lucky enough to find her and cherished every moment they shared. But in a cruel twist of fate, she was taken from Sophia too soon.

Sophia is devastated at the painful loss of her wife, but still feels blessed she was able to experience such love in her life.  Wanting to help others find this happiness, she partners with her friend Reyna Jha and they launch a matchmaking company. They excel at what they do, successfully helping many clients connect with their true loves.  Business is going great, but their newest client could turn their lives upside down.

Reyna has had a crush on Allie for ages.  Finally at a point in her life where she thinks they could have a real chance together, she enlists the help of Sophia and Reyna to make her dream a reality.  But things don’t always work out as planned and sometimes what we think we want isn’t what our heart truly desires.  Soon the case begins to have more personal implications and Sofia and Reyna will need to make some difficult choices for both the business and for their hearts. 

The Characters

Sophia is an amazing character.  Intelligent, caring and heartbroken after the death of her wife.  Her vulnerability tugs at your heart as you watch her struggle to believe she deserves to love again, that it doesn’t mean she loved her wife any less and that it’s ok to embrace love once more.  In addition to that, she needs to conquer the fear of heartbreak.  Having already lost so much she struggles with the fear that if she opens her heart once more, she could face the pain of losing it all again.  I really empathized with her and desperately wanted her to reconcile her feelings and to be able to love again.

The rest of the characters in the book are also very well written.  Andersen gives them all great depth.  Reyna is Sophia’s sharp, happy and loyal best friend and business partner.  Allie O’Leary is a hard-working financial advisor who longs for intimacy and to connect with someone special.  Runa is Allie’s sister’s best friend who has had a crush on Allie for years.  The relationships between them and how they weave together are wonderful.

The Writing Style

Andersen does an amazing job bringing each character in the book to life with profound insights into their hearts and minds.  You are drawn deep into their internal struggles, their fears and desires as they each wrestle with their own issues.  The descriptions of feelings are so poignant and powerful and allow for a wonderful empathy with the characters.  And the descriptions of love at first sight, of the gazes that spark instant attraction as well as the descriptions of the love that builds afterwards, are truly phenomenal. 

The Pros

Emotions!  This book is packed full of feels.  It is a heart wrenching depiction of the emotional battles fought when we lose someone we love so deeply and then are faced with the possibility of loving again.  The way Andersen describes the struggle to accept this possibility, the guilt and the fear that cloud the hope and love, is so tangible it hurts.  And equally as tangible are the descriptions of passion and love that can be shared between two people.  This book is truly an emotional journey and loved every second of it.

The Cons

No cons other than the lack of tissues nearby could be problematic at times. 

The Conclusion

Andersen has a real knack for creating profound emotion in her books and this is no exception.  This is a beautiful and touching love story.  My heart was stripped dry from the exploration of pain of loss and then carefully wrapped in a blanket of love and happiness.  If you have ever questioned the possibility of finding true love again after devastating loss, you need to read this book.  If you believe in love at first sight, you need to read this book.  It is a wonderful story full of hope and love that will warm your heart.

Excerpt from The Love Doctor by SW Andersen

A deep sense of fulfillment rose in Sofia’s chest, then did a slow roll through her body like the very waves she stood admiring. The feeling never got old.  Every time she helped another couple find the same joy she once knew, it was like experiencing a contact high.  The crazy mix of pride, satisfaction, and exhilaration left her feeling the effects for days, though it was always tinged with envy and laced with the slightest touch of sadness.  Her hand moved to the pendant that hung from her neck.  Held delicately between two fingers, she gently rubbed across the golden bands reshaped into a heart, inset with the profile of a half moon.  A diamond nestled beside it as a star.

Tiny flashes of memories would peek out from the corners of her mind whenever she’d see a happy couple.  The somber mood would last only the briefest of milliseconds before she would once again be grateful she’d ever had the chance to experience a love that pure and true.  Those days seemed like a lifetime ago.  But like all bad things, she believed, if you persevered, you would find something good. 

And she had.

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