lost in the starlight by kiki archerLost In The Starlight by Kiki Archer is a delicious romance. It is sweet, funny and altogether satisfying.

This is the story of two women from very different backgrounds. On the one hand you have singing superstar, Honey Diamond and on the other hand you have the owner of a popular gossip website, Meg.

Honey is a sweet, naive and over protected superstar. As a result she has lived an idealistic, yet sheltered life and has never really had to ask the tough questions or handle giving difficult answers even though she has been famous for most of her life and is no stranger to the spotlight.

One day Honey opens a gossip website and sees that there is speculation on whether or not she is a lesbian. She has never had to formally come out because no one has ever actually asked her about her sexuality and she cannot understand why her mother is so against her publicly announcing that she is, in fact, a lesbian.

Meg is smitten with Honey and feels it deeply that Honey hasn’t come out to the public. She has no idea the stir she causes when she writes a piece for her website about Honey being a lesbian and little does she know this will lead to a life changing event for both women.

Lost In The Starlight is an absolutely charming, hilarious and gorgeous story or two women from different backgrounds learning that life is a little more complicated than they thought when it comes to love and secrets.

The Characters

Archer did a beautiful job of creating two memorable main characters and a cast of delightful, strange and brilliant side characters.

There is a side romance that develops between a massage therapist and Honey’s manager which is equally engaging and satisfying to read.

The Writing Style

The book is easy to read and utterly enjoyable.

Archer created moments in the story that were so enjoyable I had to put the book down just to savour them a little longer. There were times when tears were running down my face because I was laughing so hard. And there were moments when a lump formed in my throat with the thought that Archer could not be so cruel as to do this, could she?

The Pros

It is a brilliant, beautiful, charming romance and so so so worth a read.

I was not sure that Archer’s book could live up to such a good title but it did. And the title was explained in the book in a well thought out moment. (I was a little worried it would be cheesy but it wasn’t.) Apparently I worry about things that I have no need to be concerned about. I was in safe hands with Kiki Archer.

The Cons

I like the cover but not nearly as much as I liked the novel.

sheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

This book has characters who you can’t help but fall in love with and a romance that is so sweet and beautiful that your heart swells just thinking of it.

A host of unforgettable side plots and characters and hilarious moments bring Archer’s cast to life in this page-turning novel.

As a bonus you will get to experience possibly the best – worst first date – in the history of lesbian novels. I laughed so much I cried.

Go get this book and read it because it will make you happy. Guaranteed.

Excerpt from Lost In The Starlight by Kiki Archer

Because it wasn’t just Meg’s obsession. 99.99% of the lesbian population needed Honey Diamond as their gay. Kylie was the obsession in the 80s. Britney in the 90s. Bette, Barbara, Liza and Dolly lifelong favourites no matter the decade. But Honey was different. She actually gave off the signs. Meg dipped another chip. Well she gave them to her anyway. No confirmed boyfriend. Lyrics open to interpretation in a number of ways. A look in her eye. That’s what it was. That look. That look of longing. Of hurt. Of desire for someone like Meg to come and fulfil all of those hopes and dreams. She’d seen it at The Muse when Honey had walked in. Alone. Aware of the gazes. She needed someone like Meg to protect her, to provide for her.

Meg stopped herself, hating where it always went. The daydreaming, the romanticising, as if that would ever happen. She shook her head, remembering how she’d reacted when Honey Diamond walked up those stairs at The Muse. She’d shrunk so far down in her chair that her dinner guest, a well-known sculptor she’d been interviewing for an arts piece, had asked what was wrong. She could hardly tell him she was hiding her scary bags that sucked her face inwards from the crush of her life. The woman of her dreams.

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Note: I received a free review copy of Lost In The Starlight by Kiki Archer. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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