Lost Daughters by JM RedmannLost Daughters by JM Redmann is the third book in the Micky Knight series. To fully enjoy this novel you should read the first three books in this series so that you can understand the characters much better.

Micky Knight is a private investigator who lives in the southern state of New Orleans. She has two cases on her hands: a distressed mother searching for her young daughter and a gay man searching for his birth mother.

When the body of one of Dr. Cordelia James’s patients is found at her clinic, it seems as though it is a random murder until another of her patients is found dead there also. This signifies a terrifying probability that there could be something premeditated and sinister at work.

It becomes clear that the perpetrator is knowledgeable about all of the victims and as Micky is trying to draw closer to solving the mystery of her client’s missing daughter, the perpetrator veers closer to Micky. Unbeknownst to Micky, she becomes the hunted in her race against time to save a young woman’s life.

The Characters

I don’t just like the characters, I love them!

I love Micky because of her imperfections. She seems more real to me because the author touched on topics many writers shy away from like alcoholism and poor self-esteem. I especially love it when the main character has these flaws.

Micky has a wonderful network of friends that surround her. Even though they see her as a drunkard or someone not to be taken seriously where relationships are concerned, they are there for her no matter what.

What I like about the characters in this book, and in all of JM Redmann’s books, are that all of them are dealing with real life issues and they have various personalities ranging from quick tempered to laid back, gregarious or reserved.

The Writing Style

The pace of the story was great and the story unfolded in ways I never thought it would have. I was really surprised when the perpetrator was exposed because the story was so well written that the mystery remained a mystery almost to the end of the book.

The Pros

At first I was skeptical about reading another mystery series but from the first book, Death by the Riverside, I was hooked!

The writing is touching and characters face a range of challenges like loneliness and being misunderstood. And there is a strong theme of a woman on the journey to finding herself while trying to save the day.

I always get so caught up in the story that I find it very hard to put down once I start reading. From the first book in the series to the fourth I have seen immense growth within Micky and the numerous changes she has made to overcome her past errors in judgment.

The Cons

I did not like Micky’s constant self-doubt, especially with her girlfriend Cordelia. Her self-doubt often puts a damper on the relationship because they both genuinely love each other but Cordelia’s social status seems like a wide chasm between them.

The Conclusion

This mystery will tug at your heartstrings and have you perched at the edge of your seat. While you can read this book on its own I would recommend starting at the beginning because once you start with the first book in the series, you will definitely want to continue reading all the way through as you watch Micky grow and find herself in this exciting series.

Excerpt from Lost Daughters: A Micky Knight Mystery

Where was she? I wondered, as I finished arranging the cheese platter. The doorbell rang. It was Joanne Ranson, a longtime friend, briefly lover, and sergeant in the New Orleans Police Department. Cordelia and I were giving a party tonight. I had just gotten back from some last minute errands and I was beginning to worry about where she was.

“Believe it or not, Alex is working late and I’m the one on time. She’s at some stupid press conference with the mayor and she can’t get away.” Alex was Joanne’s lover. Her day job was being a political flunky, though she wouldn’t have described it that way. Her polite terms were liaison for culture and arts for city hall. She was good enough at her job to have survived more than one administration.

As I closed the door behind Joanne, I said, “She’s not the only one. Cordelia is working late, too.” I hoped it was just working late.

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