The Long Shot by AL BrooksThe Long Shot by A.L. Brooks is a slow-burn sports romance that heightens the tension both on and off the green. Even if you’re not a fan of golf, you will find something to drool over in this story.

Talented golfer Morgan Spencer has never won a major. As the daughter of a golfing legend, her first title should have been won and done by now. But something keeps that elusive trophy just out of reach. Maybe it’s her unsupportive, sexist father, or one of a number of other demons that plague her mind in those moments. Whatever it is, Morgan is certain the answer is not doing a television documentary.

Television producer Adrienne Wyatt has thrown herself into her career after her lover left her a year ago. While she’s busy on her current project on women’s golf, she has a brilliant new plan: a documentary featuring Morgan Spencer. The problem is Morgan sees Adrienne as an intruder into her privacy. But that’s small potatoes compared to Adrienne’s growing feelings for the irritatingly attractive golfer. What’s worse, she believes Morgan returns those same feelings.

Fierce desires, risked careers, age differences, and dreams all come to a chaotic head in the middle of one of the biggest golf tournaments of the season. The question is which one will win and give both women the best ending possible?

The Characters

Brooks does a great job of having both these women be passionate about their careers as much as they are about each other. In doing so, she creates layers that makes both women more desirable and relatable.

Morgan Spencer grew up in the game of golf and loves it just as fiercely as her father, Gordy Spencer, did when he was playing. The problem is Gordy doesn’t believe there is much skill in women’s golf, and he also neglects his daughter’s achievements in the sport. This has become Morgan’s driving force to win and rise in the rankings, to gain her father’s approval and appreciation. But this kind of drive, while it hasn’t diminished her love for the game, has given her an image that she doesn’t necessarily strive to have. She appears cold, aloof, and unapproachable by the public. In reality, Morgan is protective of her private life because she knows there is not a lot of it. When she’s asked to do a documentary, her first thought is the possibility of losing her valued privacy. Her second thought is how attractive the producer is.

Adrienne Wyatt has worked hard to get where she is in the business of television production, and she’s done it in a way that has been ethical and respectful to her cast and crew. She’s understanding of Morgan’s privacy, and does her best to accommodate the golfer, as long as she gets the best material for her documentary. What she doesn’t anticipate is how easy it will be working with Morgan or falling for her.

Both women have a lot to gain by working together. And if they play their cards right, they might walk away with more than just a great film.

The Writing Style

Brooks does well to structure this story like a work-place romance. Sports and entertainment are always intertwined, and it can either be a harmonious or acrimonious relationship. She illustrates the harmonious by showing the progress of Adrienne and Morgan’s relationship. They work together, they respect each other, and feelings start to develop that go beyond a working relationship. Then there is the acrimonious side, which comes from outside forces who do not wish them to be success and happiness. Whether it’s jealous assistants, sexist fathers, or shady reporters looking for a juicy story, Adrienne and Morgan will have to navigate their way through filming this documentary and their growing attraction if they have any chance to find their happy ending.

The Pros

There’s so much good stuff in this story that it’s really hard to pinpoint one exact thing I loved. Honestly, this whole story is a pro for me. Can I do that? Well, I’m doing it now.

The Cons

Fair warning. Every time Morgan’s father shows up on the page, you will feel the sudden urge to throw the book across the room or punch your Kindle. I suggest you refrain from doing either so you can finish the story and see how it ends before making any snap decisions that maybe detrimental to your reading health.

annas favourite booksThe Conclusion

Brooks does a great job of giving us a story that transcends the world of golf. There’s steamy chemistry, amplified sexual tension, and fantastic drama. Not to mention she gives us some of the best antagonists I’ve encountered in a long time (please refer to my warning from earlier). If you’re looking for a story that has a little bit of everything, this is a must read today.

Excerpt from The Long Shot by A.L. Brooks

“Morgan!” Hilton stood and walked over to usher his client into the room. “Come and meet Adrienne Wyatt.”

Adrienne also stood and took two steps forward as Morgan approached. She held out her hand and smiled widely, wondering why her heart raced as the tall, beautiful woman neared. When Morgan’s hand gripped hers, she noted the coolness, the strength, and had the distinct impression that Morgan held back just how firm her grip could be.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Adrienne said. “Well done for yesterday’s win and the step up in the rankings.”

“Thank you.” Morgan’s voice was soft, and again Adrienne had the impression something was being held back. “It’s a pleasure to meet you too.”

She lies well. Adrienne tried hard not to stare at the young woman, even though the flecks of gold in Morgan’s light-brown eyes surprised her with the way they shimmered in the room’s lights. Her eyelashes were most distracting; long and lush, they framed beautiful eyes that now beheld Adrienne with something akin to puzzlement.

Adrienne realized she still had a hold of Morgan’s hand and quickly let go. She motioned to the chairs behind her. “Shall we sit?” she asked, thankful her voice didn’t croak…

Morgan was the epitome of tension; her posture had not relaxed at all since she’d first entered the room.

Adrienne pulled the notebook from her bag and flicked through to the page where she’d written down her initial questions…She hesitated only a moment before she ripped the page out and passed it to Morgan.

“Why don’t you both take a look through this? I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Morgan took the paper, her wide eyes staring at Adrienne as she did so. There was surprise in her gaze and something that looked very much like gratitude.

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