After a string of failed relationships, brilliant litigator Eunice Park is determined to stay single. Who needs distractions when you’re trying to make partner at Chicago’s most prestigious law firm? A Sunday afternoon visit from the police is the beginning of a series of events that turn Eun’s life upside down, and she’s forced to return her to hometown and confront her estranged family.

Morgan Wright, locksmith and part-time animal shelter volunteer, is convinced the perfect woman exists, just not for her. After a chance encounter with Eun, Morgan becomes embroiled in Eun’s family drama.

Charmed by Morgan’s easy swagger, Eun invites her back to her hotel room. Bone-melting sex and a surprisingly soulful connection leaves Eun questioning her return to Chicago.

But not everyone in Sikesville is happy Eun has returned.



  • Title: Lockset
  • Author: Brenda Murphy
  • Release date: 17 October 2020
  • Publisher: Ninestar Press
  • Genre and Tropes:  Contemporary romance, blue collar, small town
  • Series: University Square


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