Where The Light Plays by C FonsecaWhere The Light Plays by C Fonseca is a story about living your dreams, expressing your passions and creativity in myriad ways. It is also about love between friends, family and embracing the true love of a soulmate.

Art is life to Andi Rey, the very talented artist who lives in Victoria, Australia. Her main priorities are having a successful solo exhibition, spending quality time with her family and being content in the solitude she is used to.

Andi has no illusions about meeting someone who will make her yearn for so much more from life than just surviving until she meets a feisty Irish lady named Caitlin Quinn. A deep passion for art draws both women together, however, they lead very different lives that can tear their budding attraction apart.

Is their mutual desire for each other enough to get them through the numerous challenges they face?

The Characters

Andrea Rey (Andi) is such a sensitive, passionate and talented artist. I was not only captivated by the descriptions of her artwork but I was touched by the way she chose to express herself through her art. I admired the way she reached deep inside of herself to bare all of her conflicting emotions on a canvas. I also love the close bond Andi shares with her family and friends. Andi’s social awkwardness and self-doubt tugged at my heartstrings because I saw a little of myself in Andi.

I was beguiled by Caitlin’s fiery personality. I really love how persistent she is, as Caitlin is not afraid to go after anything or anyone she wants. She follows her heart even if the outcome may not be in her favor. Just seeing what a fighter she is made me love her all the more.

The Writing Style

C Fonseca has a delightful way of blending poetry and fiction that enhances the romance within the story. She introduces the numerous secondary characters skillfully and she uses these characters to boost and support the main characters as well. The author has captured both the awkward and confident sides of the main characters, and to me she made her characters believable, adorable and awesome in their humanness.

The Pros

I just loved the way the author described the process and materials that were used in creating the unique paintings mentioned in the story. Based on the way the author described the artwork it is clear that a lot of research went into creating this story. I already have a great appreciation for artists but I grew even more enamored with the skills that Andi portrayed and the vivid description of the masterpieces she created.

The Cons

The pace and the build-up to the romance was very slow and I got a bit frustrated by the way parts of the story lagged.

The Conclusion

This is a beautiful romance that has a lovely blend of art, poetry and prose. This story will warm your heart with its wonderful descriptions of the Australian landscape just like it has warmed mine. If you love slow burn romances then you will definitely enjoy this story as you follow Andi and Caitlin’s journey to peace of mind and happiness.

Excerpt from Where The Light Plays by C Fonseca

The rituals of running the steps, walking the beach, and surfing kept Andi healthy and connected to her surroundings. These activities provided structure to her otherwise free-flowing existence.

She jogged towards home along the shale track through lush ground layers of coastal grasses and wildflowers. Gold dust wattle trees dripped with clusters of bright yellow balls, the abundant flowers that attracted flocks of yellow-tailed black cockatoo and crimson rosella to this coastal mosaic.

As she approached the popular wooden viewing platform that overlooked Gull Rock, she noticed a pair of shapely legs, clad in formfitting trousers, teetering unsteadily over the guardrail. She stared wide eyed, momentarily mesmerized by the perplexing vision before her. It took far too long for Andi to register that the top half of the woman dangled over the cliff.

What the? The guardrail protected viewers from a ninety metre drop onto the rocky foreshore and pounding waves. If she didn’t take immediate action, the woman could fall and be injured. Or worse.

She ran towards her and grabbed the woman’s calves firmly just above her two black leather ankle boots.

“Arrah… crikey, what the hell are you doing?” the woman yelled as Andi pulled her to safety. Andi didn’t release her until her feet rested safely on the wooden deck. Before she could respond, the woman continued her rant. “Get away with you. What on earth did you do that for?” the woman cried out, her singsong Irish accent mimicking the shriek of the silver gull circling above.

Andi stepped back, letting her hands fall to her sides. Why was this woman so angry with her? She wasn’t the one leaning over a safety rail trying to get herself killed. Was it too much to hope for a simple thank you for saving this ridiculous woman’s life? She swallowed the heated words that threatened to escape from her mouth and looked directly into fiery, dark blue eyes.

Andi averted her gaze when she realized she was still staring into the eyes of a stranger. The woman was elegantly dressed and wore plaid wool trousers, but who wears plaid wool trousers to the beach?

“I was this close.” The woman held up her hand centimetres from Andi’s face, her finger and thumb almost touching each other. “My lens cap… I nearly had it… I was this close!” she repeated. Her voice was lilting and sweet, almost lyrical despite her angry words. She drew her graceful body to full height and leaned towards Andi menacingly. She was tall, undeniably beautiful, and furious.

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ISBN number: 9783955334215

Publisher: Ylva Publishing

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