The Lesbian Billionaires Club by KC LuckThe Lesbian Billionaires Club by KC Luck offers an escape into a world where you can have anything money can buy. It’s a fantastic blend of romance and steamy that had me breezing through the book in an afternoon.

As a billionaire CEO who works hard and plays harder, Madison doesn’t hear no very often. She is a member of an exclusive lesbian billionaires club, but they meet not for sex but companionship. Sex she can get anywhere. And she does, often enough to satisfy even her libido. When the other members of the club tell her it’s time to settle down. Madison resists. At least until she meets Claire.

Claire works in a café, struggling to make ends meet. If there is more to life than work, she doesn’t have time for it. The moment Madison sees Claire, she knows she’s found the woman she could settle down with. She’s gorgeous and perfectly normal. Just what Madison needs. Never mind that she’s straight. Madison barely considers that a challenge.

The Characters

The whole novel is narrated from Madison’s point of view. In fact, Madison isn’t the main character’s name, rather a name used within the club for anonymity purposes. Luck has given Madison a strong voice to match her dominant personality, unfortunately it means that I occasionally found myself not liking her very much. At times, her behavior while pursuing Claire borders on stalkerish (she buys the building Claire works in), but she is also fiercely loyal to those she cares about. I will admit, there is something a little dangerous about the dominance she extrudes that really drew me into her story making her compelling if not likable.

We only ever see Claire through Madison’s eyes. This means what we know about her develops a little more slowly than Madison, beginning first with her appearance and other things Madison notices about her. The development of her character makes her just as captivating as Madison but infinitely more pleasant.

The Writing Style

KC Luck developed an unbeatable chemistry between these two from the first moment they met that only grew as they got to know one another. I have to mention the phenomenal sex scenes in this book. One of them has become a new favorite for me, I’ll leave you all to guess which one.

The Pros

I loved getting a little glimpse into the billionaire lifestyle Madison lives. More importantly though, seeing both characters grow and support one another as things got tough was such a joy.

The Cons

I mentioned briefly that Madison’s behavior occasionally comes close to stalkerish as she tries to get Claire’s attention. At this point there is an implied attraction between the two of them, but it was a little uncomfortable to read something with such a power imbalance as Madison pursues Claire.

The Conclusion

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and can’t wait to get my hands on book two. If you enjoy books on the steamier side of things, this is a great read.

Excerpt from The Lesbian Billionaires Club by KC Luck

“Fuck,” I say as I turn to go back, only to see the car whisking away with traffic. This is great. Now I have to wait for him to come back around. All to go in and get a bottle of undoubtedly cheap and therefore nasty scotch. A memory of my younger days reminds me I was not always rich and powerful. I come from poor roots. Iowa. Someplace I never go. The minimarket is too much a reminder of the shit I put up with growing up a butch lesbian in a map-dot town in the middle of nowhere. Reconsidering my decision, I turn to go wait on the curb when a car horn blasts. I look up in time to see an old, two-door Nissan sedan bearing down on me. I only have time to raise my hands before it bumps into me and sends me sprawling on the pavement.

For a moment, I am disoriented, but when I open my eyes, two things are clear. I have the worst headache of my life, and I am looking into the face of the most gorgeous blonde I’ve ever seen. “I’m going to make you a star,” I mumble. She really is breathtaking with large, slightly alarmed looking blue eyes, and full lips so desirable I suddenly want to kiss her.

“What?” I hear her say. “Are you okay? Oh my god, I didn’t see you,” the blonde babbles. “I’m so sorry.” I try to sit up, but it hurts like hell. She puts her hand on my shoulder, and I am astonished by the amount of heat I feel from her touch. I don’t understand how I can be turned on right now when I just run down by a car. “Just stay there,” she continues, a sob in her voice. “The ambulance is coming. God, I can’t believe I hit you.”

“You hit me?” I am not sure what to think. Is this accident good or bad luck? Regardless, other people gather around me, and I hear a siren. The last thing I want is to go to the hospital. Social media would go crazy over it. This time when I try, I do sit up. She tries to stop me, but I grab her arm for leverage. “Help me up.” My words are a demand and she doesn’t hesitate. Even with a concussion, I still know how to make people do what I want. As we stand, I notice her outfit. A yellow waitress uniform. Her name is on her breast. Claire. I like the name. I like everything about her and am about to tell her so, when I see the driver of the town car coming at a jog. The car is up on the sidewalk, the flashers going.

“Get out of my way,” he growls and in a second has me by the arm. Even though my vision is blurry, I see the woman, Claire, following me with her eyes. Concerned, but something else too. As I wonder if she recognizes me after all, I am half helped, half shoved into the back of the car and then the door slams. I slump against the seat, my head pounding. Closing my eyes, I feel the car rolling, bouncing off the curb. I let out a yelp of pain, and then I remember nothing else.

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