Lead Counsel by Aurora Rey

Lead Counsel by Aurora Rey is a short and sweet second chance romance.

Elisa Gonzalez is content with her job as an attorney, never feeling the pressure to become a partner at the firm. She likes having a life and her side gig as a yoga instructor, and she’s much more interested in work/life balance than she is a brass ring.

Everything is going great until she hears that her firm is bringing in a hot shot from New York City to take the lead on a high-profile case. She’s shocked when Parker Jones, an old crush from law school, turns up with a “work hard, play hard” approach to life that’s totally different than Elisa’s balanced one. After eight years, Elisa still remembers the single kiss they’d shared and has complicated feelings about how it all shook out.

Parker and Elisa are total professionals, but that old attraction still sizzles between them. Can they really resist it forever?

The Characters

Because Lead Counsel is a novella, we don’t get a super in-depth view into Parker or Elisa, and neither has a massive character arc. That said, they’re both incredibly likeable and immediately easy to connect with, and I would happily have read a full-length novel about these two.

The Writing Style

Not only was this story paced well and a delight to sink into, but there’s A++ good swearing in it and has lines like this that made me all swoony because of how beautifully they’re crafted: “Not the only reason, mind you. That would be professionally foolish and romantically presumptuous of me”

The Narration

Lori Prince crushed it. If you like audio books, definitely get it in that format.

The Pros


The Cons

I want more of these characters.

The Conclusion

I don’t know how this is only the second book I’ve ever read by Aurora Rey, but it drove home that I seriously need to remedy that situation. She’s such a damn good author and I can’t wait to dive into her backlist.

Excerpt from Lead Counsel by Aurora Rey

I get the distinct impression you aren’t glad.” Parker folded her arms and leaned back against the credenza.

About your father? I wouldn’t assume to feel one way or the other.”

No.” Parker looked at her in a way that made her feel exposed. “Glad that I’m back. Here. Working with you.”

Shit. Elisa did not have words to describe the extent to which she didn’t want to go there. She took a deep breath. Tread lightly. “Technically, I believe I work for you. Which is fine. I have no desire to be lead counsel.”

Parker continued to study her. Her ability to be still made Elisa nervous, which, in turn, irritated her. “Why not? I’m only a year older than you and I made partner three years ago. You were just as smart as me.”

Elisa took a deep breath and willed herself to remain calm. “It’s not about being smart.”

Parker moved her hands to her hips. And, God, what glorious hips they were. Of course, her pants probably cost six hundred dollars. That didn’t help matters. “Please don’t tell me this firm is riddled with misogynist bullshit. I’m so beyond dealing with that.”

No.” Elisa found herself feeling oddly protective of her firm, and her role in it. “I opted not to pursue the partner route. I like my work, but I like my life, too. I chose balance over ambition.”

Parker nodded slowly. She couldn’t tell if Parker agreed with her or was merely filing that fact away. “I guess I never thought of it as an either/or thing. Work hard, play hard. You know?”

Elisa shook her head. “To me, that sounds exhausting.”

Oh, I sleep pretty hard, too. Especially after playing. It all works out.”

And there it was. That cocky demeanor that had, after a few beers, seemed so fucking sexy. The underlying arrogance that felt so crushing the next day. Good thing she’d grown up since then. She no longer found it desirable or devastating. Even if she had to remind herself she was immune. Elisa smiled, refusing to give anything away. “I’m sure it does.”

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Bits and Bobs

  • AISN number: B07QR7QG6P

  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

  • Audiobook Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc

  • Narrator: Lori Prince

  • Aurora Rey Online

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