Keepers of the cave by gerri hill

Keepers Of The Cave by Gerri Hill is simply brilliant. Hill should write more horror.

Hill should write more horror.

How could I not try a book with this description: The senator’s daughter disappears and FBI agents CJ Johnston and Paige Riley are assigned to a backwaters all-girls school in East Texas near where the senator’s daughter was last seen. They figure that the assignment is a dead-end, but strange things keep happening in the area. Something is lurking in Hoganville.

The Characters

CJ and Paige are the two main characters. They are teamed up together because they are both women and the all-girls school doesn’t allow male teachers. They both have other partners who happen to be guys. Hill writes the characters with humour, flair and of course a little bit of romance. I loved both the main women and their male partners.

The Writing Style

This was a nicely paced book, it had some truly creepy moments, some heart stopping romance and a fantastic ending. It was not predictable but it was also not silly.

The Pros

A great book if you want something a little scary to get you in the mood. Great cast of characters, interesting, unique story and all round winner.

The Cons

None, I love this book.

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Go get this book if you are a fan of hot women, fast paced storytelling and the horror genre.

Nicely done Hill, this book is great.

Excerpt from Keepers Of The Cave by Gerri Hill

“Got a rather interesting assignment,” Howley said. “ Get comfortable. This will take a while.”

The large monitors on the near wall came to life and what appeared to be an aerial view of a small community propped up. A smattering of buildings was nearly swallowed by a forest of tall trees. He slid a file folder to each of them.

“We’re call it Hoganville Complex,” he said. “ Population estimated at fifty, give or take. I say estimated because this isn’t a town. It isn’t even an unincorporated community. By the way, Hoganville is the informal name only. It’s not an actual named town.” He pulled up a map on the monitor next. “It’s located between the Angelina National Forest and the Sabine National Forest in far East Texas. Lake Sam Rayburn is here,” he said, pointing, “ and the Louisiana border is here, in the middle of Toledo Bend Lake.”

“Disappearances?” Billy asked as he scanned the first page of the folder.

“Lots of them,” Howley said.

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