Justice Calls by Ann RobertsJustice Calls by Ann Roberts is the seventh book in the Ari Adams Mystery Series.

For over two decades, Ari Adams has been haunted by her brother’s demise. There’s no way that she would be able to move on with her life while Richie’s murder remained unsolved. Ari hit the jackpot when she found a picture of the person who murdered Richie and additional evidence that could possibly help her to find the killer and bring him to justice. Nothing about her brother’s murder investigation is as simple as it seems because Ari ends up with way more questions than answers.

In order for Ari to solve this case, she must come to terms with the guilt and anger that she has been walking around with for the past twenty-five years. She also has to deal with her father—Detective Jack Adams because he is heartbroken over the loss of his beloved son.

Will Ari be able to solve her brother’s case and get the closure she desires?

The Characters

Ari Adams is a real estate agent. She takes great pleasure in helping her clients to find their dream homes. Ari has earned a reputation for her insatiable curiosity and her knack for drawing trouble straight to her front door. She’s a champion when it comes to stake-outs because she knows how to get the answers that she is searching for. (We would make an awesome investigating team—nerdy accountant and real estate agent for the win! I’d follow the money trail and she would question the suspects… See, I’ve got my sideline career all planned out.)

Molly Nelson is a private investigator and she also does security detail for a few of her elite clients. She is Ari’s soulmate and she is always ready and willing to assist Ari with any investigation she undertakes. I have so much love for Molly because she is such an understanding and supportive partner to Ari. I admire Molly’s quick wit and her way of seeing things differently because she looks outside of the box and she is an asset to any investigation. (I would love to have a woman like Molly in my life, just saying…)

The Writing Style

I must admit that I was sucked in from the first sentence because Ann Roberts has a way of crafting a story to keep her readers captivated. I definitely got a realistic portrayal of the gut-wrenching pain, frustration and anger that Ari and her father felt as they worked tirelessly to find out who killed Richie.

The Pros

I can’t tell you how much I really enjoy reading an awesome “who’s done it” story because I get to tag along with the characters and say “Ah hah! I knew it!” when the perpetrator is caught. Plus, Ari and I are extremely curious and I am delighted by the fact that we have this wonderful trait in common.

The Cons

You won’t get any complaints from me!

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

I can’t believe that I went through a gamut of emotions with every word I read and I just couldn’t let Ari, Molly or Jack go even when the story ended. If you’re looking for heartfelt moments, character growth, timeless love coupled with an understanding that knows no boundaries and a compelling mystery, then this story is certainly for you!

Excerpt from Justice Calls by Ann Roberts

She took a deep breath and slid off the chair. She set aside the evidence bag of cards. Why is this here? Richie’s murder was an open case, a cold case definitely, but no one had been convicted—even accused—of his murder. Ari had suspected Jack was secretly investigating the case. This was her proof.

She picked up the Dodger hat, the one he wore every day, even to bed. She brought it to her cheek and the tears flowed as she remembered. He’d gone to the 7-Eleven around nine p.m., his allowance burning a hole in his pocket. It was summer and he’d been sure he’d find the Eric Karros card. He begged her to go with him, knowing that Jack and Lucia would probably agree to the trip if his twelve-year-old big sister went with him. He’d wanted to go to a 7-Eleven that was an extra ten blocks away, almost to the northern edge of Glendale. But she’d said no, so for the first time in his life, he’d defied their parents and left through his bedroom window.

If only I’d gone with him.

She cried until her tears turned to ragged breaths. She inhaled a sharp musty odor from the cap. If only I’d been a good sister. He would be here.

She placed the cap on top of the cards and opened the scrapbook—to Richie’s second grade school picture and his obituary. She loved that picture. His smile was natural, despite two missing teeth. It would’ve been unnecessary for the photographer to coax a grin from him. He lived in a constant state of happiness. He was eight and innocent. He wore his dark brown hair longer than most boys, and curly locks covered his ears.

The obituary was only a paragraph. By then so much had been written about him in the Glendale and Phoenix newspapers, there wasn’t anything left for Jack or Lucia to print except what they had included. “Our beloved son Richard went to heaven on August 25, 1992. He was a wonderful brother to Ari and a friend to all.” That was true. Richie rarely met a person he didn’t like or couldn’t persuade to like him.

She closed the scrapbook and picked up the case file. As a former police officer, she knew what she’d find there, including the grisly photos of the night he died. She guessed the file weighed a few pounds and imagined it was complete. Although Jack had worked for Phoenix PD, he had many friends amidst the various law enforcement agencies in the metropolitan area, including their home city of Glendale, where Richie died. She imagined a sympathetic brother in blue had copied the file for Jack.

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