Just Three Words by Melissa Brayden is the second book in Brayden’s SoHo Series. All your favorites are back, but this time the focus falls on Hunter and Samantha. As we navigate the lives of these amazing women, Brayden shows us just how awesome love is when the one you want is the one you least expect.

Accountant Samantha Ennis is the bookkeeper at the boutique advertising agency she owns with her three best friends, including laid back Hunter Blair. When a situation arises causing Hunter to move in, Sam’s carefully organized world is thrown wildly askew. But it’s not just Sam’s apartment that’s thrown into chaos, it’s also her heart whenever Hunter is near.

Hunter Blair’s been the coolest one in the room since elementary school. Until recently, her biggest worry in the world was which girl to call on a Saturday night. But it’s not long before Samantha sparks a fire in Hunter that has her questioning her old habits and longing for new ones. It’s totally a bad idea to fall for one of your best friends, right? Hunter and Sam will find the answer.

The Characters

Brayden always writes intriguing and engaging characters. Hunter and Sam are two of the best.

Hunter is the embodiment of Romeo to all of her friends because she attracts people of both sexes. While she has no problem being physically attractive to others, it is Hunter’s heart is the most attractive part of all. She’s a loyal, compassionate friend. She doesn’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings, and she doesn’t play games that could result in that happening. She is gorgeous inside and out, drawing in everyone she meets. Especially a certain best friend that Hunter gave up ever becoming romantically involved with years ago.

Sam has an intensity that makes her perfect at being the accountant for SoHo Savvy. She loves numbers because they’re always reliable, yet she has a softer side. She watches re-runs of I Love Lucy and is a firm believer in true love. She doesn’t expect to find it with Hunter, her best friend and opposite in almost every way. However, as Hunter and Sam get to know each other as only roommates can, old feelings resurface and new ones develop. Soon both women wonder if the universe is giving them a chance to discover what has been in front of them all this time.

The Writing Style

Writing a series is a balancing act, and Brayden executes it as if she was born with the ability to juggle straight out of the gate. She’s able to give us details on the four women, highlight Sam and Hunter’s developing romance, and progress the story forward to prepare us for Mallory’s story later on. Along the way, she gives us witty dialog, romance, and those important emotional moments that help you connect and relate to the characters on a personal level.

The Pros

What I love about this book, this series as a whole, is it doesn’t matter where you start. I actually started the SoHo series with this book. Brayden’s characters were so much fun to read about that I had to go back to the first one. That’s what’s so amazing about this series. No matter where you start, it’ll make you want to read them all.

The Cons

Why can’t these women exist in real life? I would love to hang out with them.

annas favourite booksThe Conclusion

This was the second book by Brayden that I ever read, and it made me a fan for life. Whether this is your first Brayden or your tenth, her characters will hook you, draw you in, and have you revisiting their stories time and again. So pick this one up today. Pick up the whole series. There is truly something for everyone.

Excerpt from Just Three Words by Melissa Brayden

“Don’t you ever get tired of it?”


“The dance. The flirting. The banter. You’re very good at it. I mean, I’ve been blown away at your skill level on more than one occasion, but I imagine it’s exhausting having all those girls, and okay, guys, too, figuring out what they can get from you.”

“Uh-uh. I’m a giver.” She threw a playful smile that she punctuated with a raised eyebrow. “And now I’m your giving roommate. Surreal, huh?”

Samantha laughed. “I’m happy you were able to move in. It saved me, you know.”

“Yeah, but aren’t you just a little terrified right now of what the next year of your life, at the very least, is going to be like?”

Samantha held her ground. “No way. You just moved in with seven boxes. That’s about fifty-eight fewer than Brooklyn. I’m thinking you’re low maintenance, which I kind of don’t get because you have so many clothes it’s ridiculous.”

“Correction. I wear a lot of different outfits. But I donate the old ones every six months or so. I like to keep things fresh and travel light.”

“Kind of how you manage your women.”

Hunter laughed. “Touché.”

“At least you’re self-aware. And the clothes thing, who knew there was something I didn’t know about you after all these years?”

“I’m willing to bet there are a few more tidbits left to learn. I have layers, Samantha Ennis. I’m a complex girl.”

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