Just Intuition by Makenzi FiskJust Intuition by Makenzi Fisk is the first book in The Intuition Series.

When an elderly woman is killed in a fiery explosion, Police Officer Erin Ericsson finds herself drawn into a case in her northern Minnesota hometown that makes her question everything she has assumed about the people she has grown up with.  When her live-in girlfriend Allie starts acting strangely Erin sinks further into the mysterious goings-on.

Allie has a secret gift that has the potential to solve the case… if she can convince Erin to trust it, and to trust her.

Erin and Allie find themselves hunting a killer with a fondness for fire and the ability to survive in the wild and dangerous woods surrounding Morley Falls.  Will they uncover sufficient evidence to catch the killer before more local residents die, or will it require Just Intuition?

The Characters

The lead character, Officer Erin Ericsson, is immediately likeable as someone driven to seek the truth and act with integrity.

Her girlfriend, Allie, is a complex character and plays a solid supporting role to Erin’s more straightforward lead.  Both of these characters are exposed more as the book moves along, but it is when Allie’s gift is revealed that their personalities become more complex and believable.  However, at the end of the story I was left wanting to know more about Allie’s character in particular as there were really only glimpses into her character throughout the novel.

The supporting characters all have their own idiosyncrasies which make them interesting and relatable, and the antagonists become darker and more twisted as the story develops.

Fisk’s fictional town and its inhabitants are engaging and intriguing, and the character arc for Lily in particular is really well written.

The Writing Style

Makenzi Fisk takes her time setting the scene and introducing her characters, however once you get past the death of Delores, the pace picks up and so does the suspense.  For the first half of this book I thought I knew exactly who the antagonist was and how it would roughly end, but for most of the second half I was torn… and unable to stop reading until I knew for sure who and why.

Fisk’s own life in law enforcement ensures that the law enforcement characters and procedures are believable, and the use of first person narration (from the killer’s perspective) intermittently throughout created more suspense and intrigue than I was expecting.

The Pros

Any book that starts with the line “The bitch is down there” is likely to grab me and not let go… and Just Intuition did not disappoint.

A cleverly written storyline that has your mind playing tricks on you until the last few pages, with characters who are well written and familiar but with hidden secrets to discover.

The Cons

There is a veiled reference to child abuse/sexual abuse which may upset some readers, however for this genre the references are reasonably subtle.  The storyline seems a little predictable at the start of the book, but you’re in for a pleasant surprise if you persevere!

The Conclusion

A really gripping read with enough twists and mystery to keep you turning the pages until the last one.

Makenzi Fisk has masterfully created her lead character and a fictional setting that feels familiar almost from the start.  For a debut novel, and the first in a series of three, Just Intuition is a really strong introduction to a great new Canadian author.  Make sure you have a few spare hours before starting this book, because you will find yourself unable to put it down until it’s done.

Excerpt from Just Intuition by Makenzi Fisk

This was wild country and Allie’s pulse quickened. The low brush was so thick that she had to hurry to keep up with Erin, already hidden from view only a short distance ahead. Fiona, nose to Allie’s pant leg, followed her happily down the narrow trail.  Ferns and low growing branches behind the dog swayed when Fiona’s magnificent tail swatted them from side to side. With one arm awkwardly extended in front, she brushed a route through overhanging branches that grasped and tore at her hair like claws.  Her free hand swiped at biting insects.

Trees blotted out the sky and Allie heard only the buzzing of hungry mosquitoes and the panting of the dog.  A branch cracked somewhere off to the left  Allie’s scalp tingled. Fiona let out a growl and planted her tail between her legs.

It was suddenly too quiet, and too dark.  The birds had stopped singing.  There were only her footsteps and the branches ripping at her clothing.  Darkness swirled around her.  Humid earthiness of the undergrowth strangled her throat.  She glanced over her should.  A shadowy presence was following.  Watching.  Waiting.

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  • ISBN number:  9780993808708
  • Publisher: Mischievous Books Publishing

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