Just Get To It by Maddison StrikeJust Get To It by Maddison Strike is an anthology series that follows six couples who are seeking intimacy in the heart of New York City. This is a series of New York: Girl-Girl Romances.

Welcome to My Sister’s Closet, one of the last lesbian bars and the place where women can seek their hearts’ desires. Past lovers reunite, new flames spark to life, long distance romances come together, and long-time lovers rekindle their flame. In these short vignettes into the lives of six couples, we don’t bother with the foreplay. We cut to the essence of their stories and dive into the passion we all expect.

So sit back and relax. Pour a glass of wine. Snuggle up by the fire, then get ready to experience the desire that only comes from a woman loving a woman.

The Characters

It’s hard to write about specific characters in an anthology series. What I can say is this: each character provides us with an experience that resides in the realm of our fantasies. There’s Molly who wants a lasting relationship but is willing to go for a one-night stand with Sam just to have that physical connection. Jade reconnects with the first and only woman she ever slept with and is hoping for a repeat performance. Kate and Ellen connect for the first time in person after months of conversing online to discover their attraction is just as potent physically as it is digitally. And Tara is able to finally fulfill her curiosity of being intimate with a woman for the first time.

All twelve women have to same goal, and they provide us with a unique opportunity to join them on their erotic quests.

The Writing Style

Strike gives us complete and intriguing stories that satisfy our pallets and also have us wishing for more. Her writing is smooth and elegant with an easy flow from story to story. If this is her first novel, I look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

The Pros

Strike’s attention to detail for My Sister’s Closet is very acute. She truly made the bar come alive. She made it relevant to these women in their quests for desire. By doing this, My Sister’s Closet became a significant character. Without it, I don’t think the stories would’ve worked as cohesively.

The Cons

It could’ve used another run through the editing process. There were some grammatical and spelling issues that were jarring at times.

The Conclusion

Anthologies can be tricky, but Strike masters it. She handles each of her characters with love and respect and gives them such luscious storylines that you want them continue long after the last word has been written. If you haven’t found her yet, then I suggest you go and check out this series now so she’ll keep giving us great stories about women just like us.

Excerpt from Just Get To It by Maddison Strike

I’m a cult free woman. All that’s left for me is to shoot the last quarter of this Manhattan, ah…done, and sneak away quietly. I hope this works out for Molly. There’s something in Sam’s face that makes me feel she’s the sort of person we’d be friends with. I have a supernatural gift of judging whether people are good eggs or bad within the first minute of meeting them. That’s why I come to these places with her. We’re both looking for romance, love, commitment, and happiness. If I can have any part in Molly finding that I would gladly come here every single Friday for her, and nearly have since we’ve been roommates.

There’s another reason I don’t mind coming here. It’s a gentle reminder of that one night, a long time ago. It would be so easy for that memory to slip away and get confused as something I once read or saw in a movie. The more time passes, the further away it becomes in my mind and the harder it is to convince myself it was an authentic experience. Slowly it’s becoming just something I did, an event I can put a pin in on the map of life, rather than what I hope it truly was. I just don’t want it to fade away into nothingness, like losing a part of myself forever.

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