Jackpot by Cade Haddock StrongEveryone fantasizes about winning the big jackpot, but what if you actually won…

Ty MacIntyre’s life changes the instant she wins the lottery. People are after her winning ticket and she’s not sure who to trust. She’s been given the gift of wealth. Will she use it to get her life back on track or will that prove easier said than done?

Karla Rehn is forced to walk away from her dream of being on the US Ski Team. She’s angry at the world—especially herself. A trail of reckless behavior threatens to derail her plans to earn a college degree and become a nurse.

Ty is drawn to Karla the moment the two women meet. Can they guide each other through the obstacles that life has thrown their way?





  • Title: Jackpot
  • Author: Cade Haddock Strong
  • Release date: 10 December 2020
  • Publisher: Bella Books
  • Genre and Tropes: Contemporary Romance, Intrigue, Suspense, Slow-burn, Rich girl/poor girl


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