It Takes A Miracle by Jamey MoodyIt Takes a Miracle by Jamey Moody is a Christmas romance that’s as sweet as pecan pie.

Makenna lost her Christmas joy 25 years ago. Vanessa arrived in town to visit family that summer, and by the time she returned for Christmas break, the two were making plans to spend their life together. Those plans were broken once Vanessa’s mother found out about their relationship, and so was Makenna’s heart.

Makenna is now a counselor at Denison University, and Declan is one of her prize pupils. He’s a track and field athlete with a winning personality and smile that’s somehow familiar. When Makenna runs into Declan and his mother at the start of Christmas break, the smile makes perfect sense. Vanessa is his mother, and she is back in town to take over her grandparents’ house.

Vanessa hasn’t stopped thinking about Makenna, and she wants to rekindle their romance. Can Makenna trust Vanessa with her heart again?

The Characters

I appreciated that the characters were up front and honest about their emotions. There’s no hidden pining here. It’s clear that Makenna and Vanessa’s flame burns as hot as ever, and neither character tries to hide it. Declan is generous and mature about his mom finding love with his counselor, and his loving support is especially heartwarming.

The Writing Style

At around 38k words, It Takes a Miracle can be finished in a day. Preferably a day spent curled up with a blanket and a steady supply of warm beverages and snacks.

There is practically zero angst in this book. Just two women finding each other again and realizing their connection is as powerful as they remembered.

My Favourite Parts

Getting out into nature is one of my favorite things, and I loved reading about the characters hiking to a particularly special stand of trees. There is nothing fancy or expensive about this date. Makenna has wanted to bring Vanessa there for years, and once they arrive Vanessa immediately understands why. Oh, my heart!

The Conclusion

Pick up It Takes a Miracle if you are craving the reading equivalent of a desserts-only holiday buffet. This one is all comfort and fluffy warmth.

Excerpt from It Takes a Miracle by Jamey Moody

She could hear a noodle bowl with sweet and spicy cauliflower from her favorite Vietnamese restaurant calling her name. Her favorite place was in an area full of restaurants and nightlife so she called her order in on the way. All she’d have to do is hop out, run in and pick it up.

A car was backing out just as she pulled into the area of the restaurant and she felt fortunate because they were busy tonight. People meandered up and down the walkway. She jumped out, locked her car and ran into the restaurant. The aromas that assaulted her nose made her stomach growl.

“Hi Makenna. How are you this evening?”

“Hey Jason. I’m hungry and wanted you to cook for me tonight.”

“I’m happy to do it,” he said, laughing. “Let me get your order.”

“Thanks.” She looked around and saw a few students that she recognized from campus. The live music in the background almost made her want to stay for a while.

“Here you go,” he said, placing a bag on the counter as he rang up her order.

“Thanks Jason.” She handed him cash from her pocket. “Keep the rest for you.”

“Aw thanks Makenna. Enjoy your evening.”

“I will now,” she said, her eyes wide. She grabbed the bag and walked out the door.

She walked in front of the restaurant and was about to step off the curb when she heard “Hey, Coach Markus!”

Makenna turned and saw Declan Sommerfield walking toward her, his face bright with a smile. A woman was just behind him, trying to keep up.

“Hey Declan,” she said, returning his smile.

“I’m so glad we ran into you. I want you to meet my mom,” he said, turning to the woman that walked up beside him.

Makenna’s mouth fell open. She’d know her anywhere. It may have been twenty-five years, but she’d always recognize the woman that took her heart, who was now standing next to Declan. She was even more beautiful than the memories burned into Makenna’s brain.

“Vanessa?” she said, not trusting her eyes.

Vanessa looked up and stopped in her tracks. “Makenna, is that you? Of course it’s you!” she said, suddenly breathless.

“You know each other,” Declan said, confused but smiling.

They were both visibly surprised, but neither said anything nor looked away for a long moment.

“I can’t believe it,” Vanessa whispered. A smile began to take over her face as her eyes sparkled.

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