the iron phoenix by rebecca harwellThe Iron Phoenix by Rebecca Harwell is set in Storm’s Quarry. This is a city with two different races – the Nomori and Erevan. The Nomori are different from the average Erevan. The men are gifted with preternatural fighting abilities and the woman are psychic in varying ways. The main character, Nadya, is gifted with supernatural strength and super speed and she must keep it a secret because it is so different.

Storm’s Quarry is situated on top an island in the middle of an inland sea. Tensions rise high when food runs low while the city’s residents wait for the flood waters to recede enough for travel to resume.

Kesali, the love of Nadya’s life, has been blessed with her mother’s gift of predicting storms. As the Stormspeaker Kesali makes a prediction that the waters will recede on the day of summer solstice.

Unfortunately, all it takes is a mad man, a zealot, and a few murders to whip the people of Storm’s Quarry into a frenzy. Demanding Kesali’s head if the flood waters do not recede. Nadya must think fast to save her from the people of Storm’s Quarry and prevent an all-out civil war.

The Characters

Nadezhda “Nadya” Gabori is the leading lady. Most of the story is narrated by her. She is mainly around her family members which are her Grandmother, Mother, and Father.

She is special even for a Nomori. Instead of having psychic abilities, she has heightened senses, strengths, can withstand higher thresholds of pain, and heals abnormally fast.

Nadya is in love with Kesali and will do anything for her. She is Nadya’s reason for living.

The Writing Style

The book is told mainly from Nadya’s perspective and sometimes it alternates to the antagonist. Romance is only a small, underlying theme. The book is focused a lot more on battle and conflicts.

The Pros

This book was fierce! It got extremely REAL at some points with bones breaking, blood spilling, and even babies dying in the story, which I don’t come across too often in other books.

The Cons

Warning! This is a spoiler alert! The writing and the story was all great but Nadya doesn’t get the girl in the end. Even though this is a con I do not regret reading the book.

The Conclusion

This book is quite an adventure. I loved the combat and conflict scenes, written with just the right amount of detail. I recommend picking it up if you’re looking for an action packed Les fic read.

Excerpt from The Iron Phoenix by Rebecca Harwell

Some men had come to gather around them, licking their lips and readying their weapons. Gedeon paid them no heed. He looked at Nadya, and her soul froze. “Kill her.”

Her hand dropped Kesali’s shoulder and closed around her neck. Her fingers tightened, and Nadya fought. She fought with every bit of strength she had. Time slowed down as she watched as her fingers slowly curled around Kesali’s throat, cutting off her air. She had seconds before bone snapped, and Kesali would be gone.

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  • ISBN number: ISBN 13: 978-1-62639-745-3
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

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