I Love You, Lola Bloom by Rosy Dee: New Release

I Love You Lola Bloom by Rosy DeeSome love stories write themselves.

After a series of disastrous relationships, designer Maddison Appleby is fed up with everything love has had to offer, and can’t help but feel she’s destined to be alone forever. That is, until a chance encounter at a local book club sparks an unexpected connection with the beautiful Ruby Wilson – aka renowned lesfic author, Lola Bloom.

Maddison can’t believe her luck when Ruby asks her to design her new book cover, and as they spend more time together, Maddison sees a glimmer of hope for her dispirited love life.

However, her hopes are soon dashed, and to top it all off, her past makes an unwelcome reappearance which threatens to make her world come crashing down.

Will Maddison get her long-awaited happily ever after? Or will she admit defeat and purchase her one-way ticket to Singledom?



  • Title: I Love You, Lola Bloom
  • Author: Rosy Dee
  • Release date: 31October 2020
  • Publisher: Cactus books
  • Genre and Tropes: Romance, Contemporary Romance, British Romance, Romantic Comedy, Slow-burn Romance, Celeb Romance, Soul Mate/Fate, Friends to Lovers.
  • Watch the book trailer here


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