Huntress by AE RadleyHuntress by AE Radley was great fun. I listened to this book for the first time via audiobook. It started out as a just throwing it on whenever I got into my car situation. Then it slowly started creeping into when I worked out, when I cleaned, soon I found myself just sitting on my bed staring at a wall listening to it because I just could not to stop.

After graduating college Amy finds herself stuck at a job that doesn’t even come close to pertaining to her degree or even lead anywhere for that matter, a coffee shop. Her days are pretty dull except the beautiful exotic woman who has been visiting the shop for the last ten months; until one day she stops showing up.

Being the quirky concerned citizen she is Amy decides to investigate the matter since the police will not take her seriously. Her investigation gets her tangled up in something so much bigger than lil ol’ Amy. To avoid getting framed for being a terrorist Amy and her best friend Kerry go on the run.

The gorgeous talented private investigator Claudia McAllister is hired to find and capture Amy. Amy will have to use her idiosyncratic approach to try and avoid her all the while trying to clear her name.

The Characters

I really did love these characters. I just loved the dedication between Amy and her best friend. Let’s not forget our sexy private investigator Claudia McAllister, a wonderful character as well, strong and level headed.

The Writing Style

The writing style was fun and enjoyable. The story really gathered steam to the point of me shirking responsibilities to finish it. The humor in the story was very well done.

The Narration

Woah! Rebecca McKernan really just blew it away. I really feel like my experience was enhanced due to the fact that she narrated the story with her different accents, inflections, and tonality. I was never confused between characters and my mind never wandered.

The Pros

What I really liked most about huntress was the smooth blend of comedy and action/adventure. None of it was over the top and all tastefully done.

The Cons

What I like the least about this book is that it’s over! Now I have no more funny, exciting mystery to listen to while I toil my day away.

brooklyn's favouriteThe Conclusion

Should the readers read this book? YES! What a fun easy read. I would have no problems putting my name behind recommending this title, especially for someone who enjoys a bit of humor in their books.

Excerpt from Huntress by AE Radley

“Okay. We open this door. We run to your car and we… we just go,” Amy said. “Right?”

Kerry swallowed hard. Probably also considering the gravity of what they were about to do.

“Because, I don’t know if I trust this…” Amy used her finger to draw a circle around her face, “… to be able to explain without getting us killed. I need some time to process this. To think about the best thing to do. The best thing to say.”

Kerry slowly nodded her head. “We open this door and run to the car… and go. Go where?”

“Out of here. Fast.”

They looked at each other for a few seconds before nodding agreement.

“One…” they counted together, “two… three!”

They burst through the door and started screaming loudly as they ran towards the car park. Amy looked around as she ran.

Amy paused her screaming to shout, “Where’s the car?”

“Shit,” Kerry shouted back. “It was the other door!”

“What?” Amy stared at her, still running but now apparently not towards the car.

“Other door!” Kerry pointed to another fire exit in the distance.

“Shit!” Amy shouted.

They both turned and jumped over a flower bed before starting to scream again. They ran across the car park, around the building, and towards the back of the services. They weaved in and out of parked cars, panting in exhaustion as neither of them had run anywhere in about ten years.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN: 9781999702908
  • Publisher: Heartsome Publishing
  • Audiobook Publisher: Heartsome Publishing
  • Narrator: Rebecca McKernan

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