Honor In Control by G.R. Browda: New Release

Honor In Control by G.R BrowdaGloria Morris is a legendary smart, relentless and sometimes deadly private detective who kicks a lot of ass. She’s also a B-girl who has fallen in love. Though romance is in the air in San Francisco, so is debauchery. While investigating the theft of some opulent jewelry, Gloria hears rumors about human trafficking in the area. Maneuvering through the streets of The City in her quest for the truth, she hunts amidst myriad thieves, murderers, musicians, cops, concert promoters, narcissistic millionaires, and a hedonistic femme fatale art aficionado. Gloria ferrets out the truth. With firmness in the right and knowing action is supreme, she sets in motion events that result in justice for the guilty and tenderness for the innocent. But the mayhem she causes—how will it affect her life-changing romance and her relationships with her colleagues?





  • Title: Honor In Control
  • Author: G.R. Browda
  • Release date: 28 June 2020
  • Publisher: Indie Author
  • Genre: Mystery, LGBTQ Female-Centric Mystery Thriller
  • Series: Gloria Morris Myrder Mysteries


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