In Her Arms by Melissa Tereze is an age-gap romance that deals with healing the heart and soul. It illustrates that no matter how bad life can seem, it will always get better through love.

Reagan’s only plan that night in the city was to relax, have a few drinks, and admire the scenery at the local lesbian bar. What she didn’t plan on was catching the attention of a beautiful woman with very cheesy pick-up lines. Despite the woman’s failing attempts, Reagan is captured by her stunning brown eyes, and before she knows it she’s waking up the next morning in the stranger’s bed. Panicked, Reagan flees back to the safety of the country, and the loneliness and heartbreak she has endured for years.

Frankie’s had enough of the city and wants a change of scenery. Someplace quiet, beautiful, and does not hold the memory of a passionate night with a black-haired, green-eyed woman who lit up her world before disappearing. After answering an ad for a quaint cottage, Frankie believes she’s found the perfect place, but when she discovers that her landlord is none other than Reagan – her one-night-stand who left her wanting more – Frankie is adamant to stay, and not just for the clean, fresh air.

Even though they shared one night together, Reagan’s walls are firmly in place. But as Frankie’s presence invades more and more of Reagan’s life, she wonders if holding onto the bitterness is worth it when light and love are only a few feet away.

Will Frankie be able to break through Reagan’s walls and reach her heart? Or will their differences and past hurts be too much to see the brightness and love they can offer each other?

The Characters

Reagan is a woman who has been through the ringer of life. Her wife divorced her a few years ago, her ailing mother recently died, and she’s feeling adrift. However, she is still an attractive woman inside and out. She has a lot of love and passion left, but there is a sadness around her due to her past ‘failures’ as she calls them. It’s why she decides to visit a lesbian bar in the city. It’s a chance for her to try and regain that independence and freedom, to feel that yearning she has stowed away. A drink, maybe a little flirting, and Reagan considers the evening a success. But she soon discovers something more, something that’s been waiting for her to arrive at that very moment.

Frankie is a woman who appears carefree, at least to Reagan. With her androgynous good looks, she could have any woman in the bar. But looks are very deceiving, especially in Frankie’s case. She is a woman who has endured a rough childhood, beating all the odds and thriving in adulthood. She is kind, compassionate, and generous to a fault. If she has one flaw, it’s her willingness to become attached to people easily. Luckily, it’s a fault that will melt Reagan’s heart and show both women that moving past the hurt together is easier to do than when they’re alone.

The Writing Style

When we first meet Reagan and Frankie, they’re not two women looking for passion. They’re two women looking for comfort and validation.

Reagan likes Frankie’s attention and after all the heartache she’s gone through, she needs validation that she is still attractive to another person. Frankie is also looking for something, but it’s not until she meets Reagan she realizes what she wants is the comfort and love a family can bring, something that has been missing from most of her life. When she shows up at Reagan’s property to rent a cottage, she realizes that dream could become a reality. And with the woman she wants more than anything. But pain runs deep, and scars haven’t entirely healed, which means the journey to Happily Ever After will be long and arduous.

My Favourite Parts

I loved the dog, Frog (yes, that’s her name). I felt like when Reagan and Frankie were at odds with one another, fighting their attraction, it was Frog who for all sense and purpose was the voice of reason. She brought them together. It really drives home that animals know better than us in so many ways.

Heads Up

I don’t always need origins, but I would’ve really liked to have known how Frog got her name. I have my guesses, but seriously. Who names a dog, Frog?

The Conclusion

This story will take you on an emotional journey that will swell the emotions in your heart. Tereze shows us how pain can lead to happiness, and to never give up on the people you love. If you’re in the mood for a great, angsty, age-gap romance, then this is the story for you.

Excerpt from In Her Arms by Melissa Tereze

“Why me?”

“Why you what?” Frankie asked, resting against the back of her brown barely sat on leather couch.

“Why did you invite me back here and not someone else?”

“Because I wasn’t looking at anyone else. Why would I when you caught my attention?” Frankie set her beer down on the table next to the couch, reaching out and taking Reagan’s hand as she did so. “Why did you agree to come back with me?”


Frankie blushed, lowering her eyes. “I don’t believe anyone has ever found me intriguing before. But I’ll take that. Thank you.”

Reagan reveled in the sensation of Frankie’s thumb ghosting over her knuckles. She had the softest of touches. She didn’t want to put Frankie into one particular category, but player was definitely the first thing that sprung to mind. She shouldn’t judge, Reagan abhorred those that did so, but she found herself doing exactly that.

“Did anyone ever tell you how beautiful your eyes are?” Frankie studied them intensely. “Wow.”

Reagan fought off a blush. Instead of feeling embarrassed, she felt satisfaction, maybe a little pride that Frankie had even looked her way. “Thank you.”

Reagan swallowed hard as Frankie pushed off the back of the couch, stepping closer to her. Her hand still remained in Frankie’s, those soft fingertips still stroked her skin, but Reagan’s heart felt as though it would beat out of her chest at any moment. Who the hell was this woman?

Reagan’s entire body lit up as Frankie lay a gentle hand on her hip. She hadn’t gone to the bar with the intention of meeting someone, least of all this woman, but Reagan found herself enticed by every breath Frankie took. With each touch, Reagan wanted to melt into another world.

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