heights of green by lise mactagueHeights Of Green by Lise MacTague is the second book in her On Deception’s Edge series. The first book is Depths Of Blue and it should be read before Heights Of Green.

Jak is brought back to Torrin’s home planet, Nadierzda, and it couldn’t be more different than her home planet of Haefen. All she has ever known is men and war. While Torrin is her lover, she is busy setting up a business venture, so Jak finds a group of women she can relate to — Nadi’s militia. She is recruited to help teach some of the women long range shooting.

Torrin is totally occupied pursuing the biggest opportunity of her life. This could mean her planet’s completion of terraforming and money in the bank. She also needs to find out who it was that set her up on the Haefen mission. While trying to sort out who may be trying to kill her, one of Torrin’s ex-girlfriends makes a pass at her just as Jak walks in.

Believing that Torrin has cheated on her, Jak enlists with the militia to occupy her time and forget about Torrin. But during a mission Jak goes missing and Torrin begins a desperate race against time to try and find Jak before it is too late.

The Characters

Torrin Ivanov is a part owner in Troika Corp, Nadi’s most powerful and successful trading corporation. More importantly, she is Jak’s girlfriend whom she loves dearly. On her home planet she is known as a bit of a ladies’ lady, and her reputation does proceed her.

I love this character so much. For one, I love to read about tall women. The second thing I appreciate about her is that she is in her early forties. MacTague awakened in me a new understanding of what I think is sexy in a female character. This was a unique experience, falling in love with an older character. She definitely doesn’t act her age but isn’t annoyingly immature. She is fun but calculated. I’d love to be like her when I grow up.

Jak Stowell is battling inner demons. It’s a little hard for her to adjust to Nadierzda, a world full of women and seemingly peaceful. She only finds belonging with a group of militia women, training them in long range combat even though half the women in Nadi are vying for her attention.

The Writing Style

The book is written from two different points of view – Jak’s and Torrin’s.

Heights Of Green really builds up to a great climax. The way Jak’s and Torrin’s journeys split apart and then come back together had me turning pages so fast I got a digital paper cut and those SOBs hurt! But it was worth it.

The Pros

The ending had me standing on my feet. Reading it had me pumped and the teaser at the end did nothing to slow my heart rate down.

The Cons

My only complaint would be that I didn’t like the synopsis online. I don’t particularly enjoy reading books about cheaters who cheat. Because I have invested so much time reading the first book to get these two beautiful people together, why would I want to rip them apart?

The synopsis made me think the story was going to be centered around the struggle of Torrin and Jak getting back together and that Torrin was a worthless cheater, but this was not so.

brooklyn's favouriteMichelle's Favourite BooksThe Conclusion

Heights Of Green by Lise MacTague is definitely an action book and Lise did an amazing job keeping me on the edge, focusing more on the plot but at the same time having that struggle in Jak and Torrin’s relationship.

If you didn’t read Depths Of Blue, read it now. Then get going on Heights Of Green because you only have until October before the next book comes out!

Excerpt from Heights Of Green by Lise MacTague

The sentry collapsed and his partner whirled toward Torrin. She froze, knife held in front of her, knowing he couldn’t see her, but not quite believing it.

“What the…” The sentry squinted at her as a ripple ran through the knife and Torrin let loose a torrent of invectives in her head. This must be the glitch Jak had talked about. Torrin shifted to her left, as the sentry raised his rifle. Her stomach clenched as he sighted on the space where she’d been. A shape detached itself from the shadows behind him. An armored arm snaked around his neck, pulling him backward and squeezing. Another form swooped in and yanked the rifle from his grip before the hapless sentry could squeeze off a burst and give away their presence.

Two more blurred forms leaped onto the porch. One planted a hand in Torrin’s shoulder and shoved her against the wood siding of the front of the house.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781594934582
  • Publisher: Bella Books, Inc.

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Note: I received a free review copy of this book for review. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.


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