Heartsick by Tracey RichardsonHeartsick by Tracey Richardson is the story about finding love when you are broken by the woman in your life. Angie Cullen is a paramedic and former soldier. One night she receives a call to go to a car crash. There she discovers her long time partner in a car wreck. The thing is, she doesn’t recognise the car nor does she know who the other woman in the car is.

Dr Victoria Turner sees all sorts of devastation as an ER physician and yet she is not prepared to see her wife come in from a car wreck, not to mention that she was in the car with another woman.

When the car crash victims wake and Victoria and Angie discover that their partners were cheating on them it feels like their lives are ruined.

However, Angie and Victoria form a reluctant support network with one another and just maybe the devastation of their former lives was really the best thing that could happen.

The Writing Style

This book was not at all what I expected. Based on the blurb I thought there would be medical stuff included. I was picturing a reluctant romance set in the ER but that’s not what this book is about at all.

This book is a long journey to forgiveness when your wife or partner cheats on you. It’s a book with a lot of soul searching and most of it is about emotional recovery.

The writing itself is emotive and well thought out. Had I known what to expect then I would have been pleasantly surprised by it. The story contains some memorable and charming moments and the romance, although super slow burn, is sweet.

The Characters

I really enjoyed Angie’s family and the role they played in the story and what’s not to love about a family owned vineyard?

Richardson wrote older characters, which I appreciate. Each one was clear and memorable.

I was a little disappointed that the two women who were cheating were so black and white as antagonists. I like stories where the antagonists have more depth, especially in something like this where the failure of a relationships is rarely the doing of one person alone.

The Narration

CC Sinclair didn’t fit this book.

The Pros

Richardson managed believable, lovely moments between Angie and Victoria. And even though it took a while for the chemistry to surface, I enjoyed the chemistry when it did come to fruition.

The Cons

This is not the story that is promised in the blurb nor on the cover.

The Conclusion

This book is about healing and finding love in the longer term. If that’s your kind of story then you will enjoy this book. I would call it a drama more than a romance because while there is a romance it’s definitely more about healing wounds.

My advice is to read it rather than listen.

Excerpt from Heartsick by Tracey Richardson

By the time Victoria started in on her third glass of wine, Angie started keeping an eye on her from the other end of the bar. The Cullens didn’t encourage people to sit here and get drunk; it wasn’t a bar, after all. The tasting room had gradually begun to empty; closing time was six o’clock, thirty minutes away. The doctor raised her glass to signal to Angie for a fourth.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Doc.”

“Please,” Victoria said, raising glassy eyes to Angie that were devoid of emotion. Angie had seen that look many times in battle-fatigued soldiers. “Do me a favor and stop calling me doc unless we’re at the hospital.”

“All right. Ms. Turner or Victoria?”

There was a sharp edge to her laugh. “Call me Vic. I hate Victoria. It sounds far too formal. And Ms. is definitely…” She waved a limp-wristed hand in dismissal or defeat. “One more and I promise I’ll get out of your hair.”

“I’ll call you Vic if you call me Angie. Deal?” She waited for Vic to nod. “You’re not a seasoned drinker, are you?” The woman shouldn’t be this loaded after three glasses of wine.

A smile, endearing in all the right ways, produced dimples Angie hadn’t noticed before. “No, I’m not generally a lush, if that’s what you’re getting at. Certain recent circumstances, of which you’re all too aware, seem to be turning me into one, I’m afraid.”

Vic laughed then, which only made Angie frown. Nothing about any of this was funny. Before her sat a woman whose pride had been visibly steamrolled. A woman lost, directionless, bleeding her pain. Angie too felt adrift, at the whim of whatever emotional currents assailed her at any given moment. And yes, it was tempting to disappear into a bottle of wine.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781594935640
  • Publisher: Bella Books
  • Audiobook Publisher: Bella Books
  • Narrator: CC Sinclair

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