Haunting Love by KA MollHaunting Love by KA Moll is the story of Gabe and Anna. Gabe is struggling to come to terms with her wife’s death a few years prior. One of the reasons that she is struggling is that she can see or at least sense spirits but she cannot sense her wife and she has not been able to process her loss.

Anna is new in town, having recently taken a job working alongside Jaina, her friend from college and the main character in Moll’s novel Soul Mates.

Anna is renting a house from Gabe’s father and is having rather disturbing electrical problems. Gabe comes over to see if she can fix the problem and discovers two things. Firstly, she is very attracted to Anna and secondly, the house is haunted.

Anna and Gabe have a less than pleasant encounter, thanks in part to Anna’s fear of being attracted to a woman. Gabe is a handsome woman that stirs her blood and her fears.

Will Gabe be able to overcome her sorrow enough to start a new relationship with Anna and will Anna be able to work through her fear of being who she is enough to act on her attractions? And then there are the ghosts that need to be dealt with too.

The Characters

I LOVED the fact that Moll added a lot of Jaina and Zane. You get to see them now several years after the Soul Mates novel and they play quite a significant role in this novel.

Gabe and Anna are complex characters, each dealing with more baggage than anyone should have to handle. This is one of the things I love most about Moll’s work, she takes a character and heaps on more than usual and then helps her character work through it. Just when you think that there cannot be a solution, this person is never going to be healed, she adds in a gentle nudge from a friend or a conversation with a pastor and suddenly there is hope again.

The Writing Style

I like that Moll deals with character baggage using proper techniques like therapy and while your soul mate helps and often gives you much needed support it isn’t a magic fix that makes you whole.

Moll is the only author I have ever read who reflects the real pain that people go through and the real ways of handling it while telling an entertaining story that makes you keep turning the pages.

As an author she makes you feel safe as you read, like she had her hand on your shoulder and is telling you that it will all be okay in the end.

The Pros

This is Moll’s best work to date. The action is well paced, the incidents are page turners, the depth of the story and the character work is spot on.

I enjoyed the combination of the supernatural and human elements of the story.

And I like that she will make moments that are cringe worthy and yet never take you to a place that you cannot go.

Moll also adds a really nice touch with Gabe and Anna being able to communicate a little unusually which leads to a really interesting after-hours activity. (Read the book to find out what).

Another pro for me is the cover, it is a pretty picture and when you reach the end of the book and read the part with the dove it will make you take a moment to just look at the dove on the cover and feel happy.

The Cons

The only real con was that the phrase ’pinched her brow’ came into the novel a little too frequently. Although, it did not bother me enough to detract from my enjoyment of the story.

The Conclusion

KA Moll is like a tour guide who will take you right into a character’s pain and then gently guide you through the process of healing. I believe she will carve out a niche for herself as a result because she has a unique ability to take us where no one else can. The more I read of her work the more I realise that she must be a very skilled counselor because no matter the pain, she can show us the road map out.

Haunting Love  by KA Moll is well worth a read. I enjoyed the complexity of the story. As the supernatural elements and character journeys combined they form a very satisfying read. And yes, it leaves you with a very happy ending.

I wouldn’t mind encountering Gabe and Anna again in a future book, Ms Moll. Hint, hint.

Excerpt from Haunting Love by KA Moll

Gabe watched Anna come toward her. She watched her body; watched the way her thighs squeezed the saddle; watched the way her breasts galloped in sync with her mount. She sucked in a breath and averted her gaze. Where has that come from? Evelyn, dead or not wouldn’t be pleased that she was looking at someone else.

Dixie threw gravel and dust as she skidded to a halt near the rear of the truck.

“Hi,” Anna said. “I didn’t expect to see you back so soon. I thought maybe it would be next week some time.” Her gaze wandered, and then lingered much longer than it should. What was there about this woman that she’d choose to risk her soul? Anna pulled her eyes away, but they promptly drifted back. Maybe it was Gabe’s eyes, blue, like the ocean; or maybe it was her breasts, quite a bit smaller than her own. They were beautiful, all tucked-in under a plaid oxford shirt. Whatever this was, Anna needed to rein it in. It wasn’t a good time, not that there ever was, to stray from the path.

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