Green-eyed Monster by Gill McKnightGreen-eyed Monster by Gill McKnight is a delightful romp about a kidnapping gone wrong.

Mickey Rapowski has been cheated out of money by Victoria Gresham and she wants to get what she is owed. So she hatches a plan to kidnap Victoria’s girlfriend, Ginette, and hold her for ransom, but Micky isn’t unreasonable, she only wants her due.

It seems like a brilliant plan in the moment but it has some unforeseen flaws during the execution. No one wants to pay the ransom and Ginette is the worst captive ever breaking down Mickey’s resolve slowly but surely.

Not only does Mickey end up on the wrong side of Ginette’s power plays but she also begins to fall for her captive. Could this get any worse for the poor unsuspecting woman?

The Characters

This book was incredibly entertaining. Every character was perfectly awful and even so I fell in love with the entire cast.

McKnight excels at writing characters we love but should hate.

The Writing Style

Just when you think you know what’s coming next McKnight throws a new twist into the plot. You will be so entertained that you won’t notice if a fire starts in your house.

The Pros

Everything. This book is marvellous.

The Cons

There is nothing quite like it. That means it’s a once in a lifetime read and while it’s awesome that I could experience it, it’s terribly sad that I don’t have something else like it to read.

sheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

Get this book if you want a fun, hilarious book with moments that make you want to cringe for the characters. Oh and towards the end of the book you will get to meet one of my favourite pirates ever.

This book is a blast!

I am going to add a big WARNING here: don’t start this book if you don’t have time to finish it because you will hate any interruptions.

Excerpt from Green-eyed Monster by Gill McKnight

“I heated up some broth. It’s vegetable. Wasn’t sure if you were vegetarian.” The voice was soft and low with a Midwest drawl that in other circumstances she’d have found attractive. “I also got you some water and some painkillers. I’m gonna undo the gag. Please don’t holler. There’s no one to hear you. And to be honest, if you’re difficult, I’ll gag you again and take the food away. Understand?”

This was followed by the scrape of a metal tray being set on the floor beside her. Then her captor easily flicked free the gag. This has to be the person who tied it in the first place. She grimaced in a fierce cheek stretch, smacked her lips, and licked them with a dry tongue. What a blessed relief.

“Here. Suck this.” The plastic nipple of a sports water bottle was gently inserted into her parched mouth.

“Just a few sips at a time.” Before she had even drawn her second greedy draught, the bottle was removed.

“Not so fast. You’ll make yourself sick.” Again, the nipple was carefully introduced and she took another sip.

“Here comes the spoon. Ready?” She listened intently to the simple noises of a spoon dipping in liquid, scraping on the lip of the bowl. Her nostrils flared at the aroma of hot, herby soup. Her stomach gave another appreciative gurgle. And then, out of the blue, an unexpected sound. A long, whispered breath?

What is she doing? Blowing. She’s blowing on the spoon. Cooling the soup like you would for a child? Kidnappers didn’t do that. Kidnappers cut off your ears and sent them to your loved ones. Maybe this was the minder until the rest of the gang arrived with their knives.

The spoon was prodding her lips. She allowed the broth to trickle into her mouth. It was ambrosia. She had no idea of the last time she’d eaten, but judging by her hunger, it must have been ages ago. Over the next ten minutes the process was repeated until the bowl was emptied.

“You enjoy that?” The voice came again as the bowl was placed back onto the metal tray. A little pulse of—what? Relief?—resonated in it.

“Are you going to look after me until this is all over?”

“Oh, yeah. It should be all over in a few hours, tops. Then I’ll let you go. Don’t worry. It’ll be quick.” There was a desperate cheerfulness in the voice.

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