Sansaery Series that Proves Good Things Come in Small PackagesThe Keep the Bouquet series by netgirl_y2k is The Sansaery Series that Proves Good Things Come in Small Packages.

Trapped in a kingdom far from her own home and forced to live under the abusive control of the Lannister’s after they killed her father, Sansa Stark doesn’t expect any positive outcomes. She can’t imagine who the sadistic King Joffrey will attempt to marry her off to – and she’s utterly shocked when he announces that she’ll be marrying Margaery Tyrell.

He means it as an insult to both of them, to both of their families, for having committed treacherous acts against the crown. A deviant marriage, he calls it.

Only, both Sansa and Margaery are far from insulted. In fact, an arranged marriage in the name of politics has never looked so good…


Holy wow. There is something to be said about the fact that this entire three part series is just shy of seven thousand words, but made such a lasting impression that I think of it years later.

In such a short amount of time, the author manages to capture both Sansa and Margaery utterly perfectly. Sansa, in the beginning, with her naïve notions about sexuality is both adorable and relatable as she grows into a more sure of herself, confident woman through the series. Margaery, who we only see through Sansa’s eyes, is utterly charming and captivating – you are left with no doubt as to how Sansa fell for her.


None. Except that this series could have been 10 times longer because it is SO GOOD and you’re going to wish there was even more.


Each of the three parts in this series serves a very deliberate purpose and they are all done incredibly well. In so few words, the writer beautifully captures who each of these women are, setting the stage to show that they are on the precipice of something beautiful in the first piece.

But the following parts, both taking place at varying stages of their marriage in the first years, are so beautifully well done. The author manages to weave in character growth, peripheral politics, and family ties, all the while maintaining Sansa and Margaery’s relationship as the core of the series.

The truest highlight is Margaery’s character. Throughout the last two parts of the series, you’re able to truly grasp – along with Sansa – how much Margaery actually does love her. When it would be easy to assume that Margaery would rather be the queen, her love for Sansa above having that title shines through.

This fic is perfect to read if you want something light, entertaining, and won’t take you very long to power through.

Excerpt from The Sansaery Series that Proves Good Things Come in Small Packages

“Shall we sit?” Margaery asked, gesturing to a low bench set a little way back from the path. They were quite alone.

Sansa sat, and Margaery reached up to pluck a yellow rose from one of the surrounding bushes; it bared a stretch of skin of her stomach where her gown was cut away and Sansa snuck a peek.

Margaery offered the rose to Sansa. “Firstly, I should apologise for what happened in the throne room. I would not have had you told like that.”

Sansa remembered her vow not to blame Margaery for this. “I should be the one apologising. They mean to insult you, by giving me to you.”

Margaery sat down, close enough that Sansa could feel the heat of her skin through both their gowns. “It’s true that matches such as ours have always been rare, and usually intended as an insult or a way to extinguish a bloodline – but it’s only an insult if we’re insulted, and I choose not to be.” Margaery half-smiled. “My brother Loras believes that some of those marriages were great romances; star-crossed lovers wedding despite all the odds.”

“Maybe they were both,” Sansa suggested. “An insult and a romance, both.”

Margaery smiled. “Perhaps.” She rested her hand against Sansa’s thigh. “Perhaps we will be too.”


“I don’t mean to presume,” said Margaery. “There’s no question of heirs, so there’s no reason for us to be married in that sense if women aren’t to your taste, or I’m not to your taste–?”

Sansa opened her mouth to deny it, but bit her lip instead.

“But I should like us to be friends,” Margaery continued, smoothing down Sansa’s skirts as though that was her sole reason for touching her. “Friends if nothing else.”

“Friends, if nothing else,” Sansa agreed.

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Bits And Bobs

  • Fandom: Sansaery (Sansa Stark and Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire)
  • Length: 6,700k words
  • Author: Netgirl_y2k
  • Rating: T
  • Photo credit: FameFlynet

Rating Guide:  G= General, T = Teen and up, M=Mature, E = explicit

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