Gillette Park by Gerri HillGillette Park by Gerri Hill is an awesome mystery/thriller with a kindle-gripping supernatural twist.

Gillette Park is a quiet and picturesque town high up in the Rocky Mountains but a dark secret haunts this beautiful town and the people who live there.

The first murder happened twenty-three years ago. A young girl went missing and two days later her body was found neatly stashed away under the footbridge in Boulder Creek. The gruesome murder shocked the entire town but they soon realized that the young girl’s death would be the first of many more heart-wrenching murders. A serial killer is lurking in the shadows. This serial killer would claim two or three precious lives each year.

Mason Cooper couldn’t wait to put as much distance between herself and Gillette Park as possible. At eighteen, she headed off to college and she didn’t think that she would ever return home to her dysfunctional family and the close friends who became strangers to her. Working as a cop in the busy streets of Los Angeles eventually lost its allure for Mason and on top of that she went through a painful breakup so she decided to head back home to Gillette Park. The serial killer is still hanging around Gillette Park and Mason is obsessed with catching him and bringing him to justice.

Dr. Grace Jennings is blessed or cursed (depends on how you look at it) with the ability to see and speak to spiritual beings. There’s no way that Grace could outrun her gift so she has learned to live with the fact that she is an extraordinary woman. Now the FBI has asked her to help them catch the serial killer that has been terrorizing Gillette Park for years.

A lot of people in Gillette Park aren’t pleased with the idea of hiring a psychic to help them find out who the serial killer is. Mason and her uncle, Sheriff Cooper aren’t thrilled about having Grace in their town either but they really want the murders to stop. They have placed their doubts on the back burner and they are willing to work with Grace even though they are spooked out over the fact that they have to work closely with a psychic. Mason has been charged with being the liaison between Grace and the police department and Mason is right by Grace’s side when she discovers the long-held and sinister secrets of Gillette Park.

During the investigation, Mason and Grace have become friends but there’s also a sizzling attraction that’s been simmering between them from the first moment they laid eyes on each other. Will Grace be able to identify the killer before more innocent lives are lost? Will Mason be able to keep Grace safe while she uses her gift to find the killer?

The Characters

Mason Cooper is a police officer and she is determined to catch the serial killer that has been preying on the children of Gillette Park. Mason goes above and beyond the call of duty in order to protect her family members and Grace while she struggles to deal with her own emotional baggage. I’m a huge sucker for women in uniform and I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been making love faces at my kindle every time Mason was mentioned in the story. What you see is what you will get with Mason because she always says what is on her mind and she isn’t afraid of putting her life on the line for the people she holds dear to her heart.

Dr. Grace Jennings works with the FBI whenever they need her help with challenging cases. She has a gift—she has the ability to see and hear things that many people already have a hard time believing in. I’ve gotta hand it to Grace, she is one of the bravest women I’ve ever come across because there’s no way that I would ever be willing to track down ghosts so that I could have a one on one chat with them in order to get to the root of the murders. I don’t know how she does it but Grace manages to hold on to her wicked sense of humor and her fun loving and nurturing ways while she works feverishly in order to find out where the evil forces reside and who the killer is.

The Writing Style

I’m thanking all the literary goddesses that exist because this is the story that I’ve been waiting for ever since I’ve read Keepers of the Cave and Weeping Walls! This story had me perched on the edge of my couch at two o’clock in the morning because this author gave me crystal clear descriptions of the evil forces at work in Gillette Park and I had a really hard time with turning off my kindle to go to bed. Gerri Hill deserves the highest of fives because she did a wonderful job of telling the story through the people who were held in captivity, Mason and Grace’s point of view without overwhelming or confusing me in the process.

The Pros

There’s no way that I would ever turn down a once in a lifetime opportunity to hang out with a cop and a psychic! I had the time of my life because I enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Gillette Park and I got to see Grace use her “gift” in order to find the serial killer. Right now, I’m raising my coffee mug in Gerri Hill’s honor because she gave me lovable and unforgettable characters and a compelling plot that kept me hooked for hours on end.

The Cons

Kidnapping and sexual assault against minors have been mentioned several times and I must admit that I felt very uncomfortable when I read about those cases.

annas favourite booksaprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

I don’t know about you but I am a die-hard Gerri Hill fan and I’ll gladly read any story she writes! None of her other stories have ever let me down and this one was no exception because I found myself having a one-sided argument with my kindle as I made wild assumptions about “who really done it”. If you enjoy stories that feature badass cops, beguiling psychics and extremely powerful and omniscient spirits, then this is definitely the story for you!

Excerpt from Gillette Park by Gerri Hill

Scott stepped to the side, motioning to the woman behind him. “This is Dr. Jennings. She’s the… well, the woman… the—”

“The psychic we hired?” her uncle asked, saving Scott from saying the word he was apparently stumbling over. He stood up and reached across the table, offering his hand to the woman. Mason was surprised at how amiable he was being, considering he hadn’t wanted to hire her in the first place. “Dr. Jennings, welcome to Gillette Park. I’m Sheriff Cooper.”

“Thank you.”

“This is Chief Danner,” he introduced, motioning to his left. He turned toward them. “Deputies Cooper, Cooper, and Wilcox,” he continued, making them sound more like a law firm than sheriff’s deputies. “Down there are Officers Jenkins and Sheffield.”

Mason held her hand out, making brief eye contact as a firm hand took hers. Dr. Jennings was a little taller than average… five-seven, maybe even five-eight. Her light brown hair hinted at blond and her blue eyes were nearly cobalt. Her eyebrows were darker than her hair and one disappeared into bangs that swept from left to right. She noted all of that in the few seconds she was allotted as Dr. Jennings moved down the line, shaking everyone’s hand.

“Nice to meet you all.” Dr. Jennings settled into a chair almost directly across from Mason. “Who is in charge of the investigation?”

“In charge? It’s a group effort,” her uncle said as he sat back down. “Jurisdiction is based on where the body is found. In all these years, we’ve never stumbled upon the… well, the murder scene.”

“I’ve read through the file, Sheriff. The closest thing to a pattern is who his victims are. The youngest was eight, the oldest was nineteen. I’m asking the obvious, of course, but all of the teachers, janitors—custodians—they’ve all been thoroughly investigated?”

“We have investigated pretty much everyone in the whole damn town by now, Dr. Jennings.” He spread his hands out. “Hiring a… a psychic is sort of a last crazy resort. No offense, of course.”

“None taken.”

“We’ve tried this before. Way back in—”

“Two thousand and four,” she supplied for him. “I understand it didn’t go the way you had planned.”

“I was a deputy in the department back then, but no, it was pretty much a fiasco. I think the woman thought she was on some kind of a reality TV show or something. Had the whole town up in arms by the time she left.”

“From what I gathered from the file—and the FBI’s briefing—she was run out of town.” Dr. Jennings smiled. “I hope I don’t meet with the same fate.”

“Guess it depends if you plan to do a public séance at the park and call up Susie Shackle from the dead or not.”

Dr. Jennings nodded. “She was the first girl murdered.” Then she smiled again. “Speaking to the dead can be very beneficial.”

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