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This should explain how to get reviewed on The Lesbian Review – Updated: 24 May 2018

Lesbian Authors and Publishers have been so kind and generous with sending us books that we have too many books to keep up with and have become more selective with the books we agree to review.

If you want us to consider your novel then here is a guide that could help you:

How To Submit Your Book

  1. Send us your synopsis/blurb.
  2. Send us a copy of your book cover as an attachment please. If you put it in the body then it stretched the email and makes it difficult for me to read.
  3. Send us a .mobi or .prc file of your book. We read on Kindle, so please provide appropriate file and not a PDF. (We are aware that PDF’s can sometimes be converted but the conversion is not always flawless and often there are formatting problems.)
  4. Please include your Twitter handle because I auto schedule the reviews to go live and being able to tag you on Twitter is the best way to be notified when a review has gone live.
  5. You can email me on Review @ (without the spaces)
  6. If you do not hear back from me within a couple of days then please send it again. I didn’t receive it. I respond to all requests.

Tip: Publishers tend to send out review copies in the last week of the month so we fill up review slots pretty fast during that period and are more likely to decline reviews. The middle of the month is usually the best time for individual requests, to maximise your chances of it getting picked up.

Please note that sending me a review copy constitutes an agreement to our Submission Terms below so please read them.

The process is for me (Sheena) to forward your synopsis to the reviewers and see if any of them have a gap in their reading list and would be interested in taking on the novel. If someone does want it then I send them the book and keep track of it on a spreadsheet. Either way, I let you know with a response email.

Submission Terms

  1. Our reviews will always be honest.
  2. If we don’t like a book we don’t review it, our goal is not to put people off, but rather to promote. We let you know if this is the case.
  3. No payment is required for reviews submitted by lesbian authors and publishers.
  4. It will take a couple of months for us to review your book, we are dealing with high volumes of review requests and we work in advance scheduling reviews sometimes a few months ahead of time.
  5. We are looking for lesbian fiction novels predominantly, non-fiction is not generally our cup o’ tea. We will look at non-fiction submission, though, so please do send them.
  6. Erotica isn’t a favourite for me but some of the other reviewers enjoy erotica, so please specify that it is erotica.
  7. Please note that we do not review series novels beyond book one if each book is not a stand-alone story. By this I mean that the main characters are different or it has a complete plot that can stand alone without needing to read the rest of the series. If the story moves over several books then we are happy to read it and review it for Amazon but that won’t be published on the site.
  8. You will not get to see the review before it is published, this maintains the integrity of the website and ensures that readers get an honest review.
  9. We do not accept non-lesbian books for review. So no books about straight couples, gay guys or two lesbians and guy. We have no interest in reading about sex with men.
  10. Transgender lesbian novels are not common for us but we do accept them. Please make it clear in your synopsis that the character is trans.
  11. Bisexual women characters are fine as long as there is no explicit male/female sex in the novel. And ultimately we want a female/female couple to get together.
  12. We generally like Happy Ever After Endings so please let us know if the book is not a HEA novel. If we are not forewarned we will probably not enjoy it.
  13. If you would like a novel to be reviewed by a specific reviewer then you may request that reviewer. However, I do not dictate whether or not they read a novel. If they don’t want it then we will reject it.
  14. We don’t use Netgalley – the reason is simply that our operation is too large with too many reviewers to make Netgalley work effectively. We understand that piracy is a major concern which is why all the reviewers at The Lesbian Review agree to strict terms of use and are not allowed to pass on review copies. Not even to loved ones.
  15. I do pass on a review copies to more than one reviewer. This could be for a number of reasons, such as I want the book to be considered for a Top 10 list and the reviewer creating the list hasn’t read the book yet. It could also be for the purposes of joint reviewing or it could be that one reviewer didn’t like the book so I wanted to try it with another reviewer. When this happens I ask them to review it on Amazon if there is already a review for the book.

Bear In Mind

We do this as a passion project. If a book does not excite us or interest us then we will reject it. This is free for authors and readers and it was started as a way to share good books that I have enjoyed.

There are no big sponsors behind us, we all volunteer our time.

This is not a site about fetishes, it’s not about the LGBTQA+ community and it’s not a general media platform. We cannot be everything to everyone, no matter how awesome we are.

We review books and movies that we have enjoyed. That’s it.

If you think that a part of the community is underserved then do what I did and start your own site to serve that niche. Let’s build a better community together.

A Note On How We Work

When I receive a copy of the book and it doesn’t get picked up for review then I add it to a library of books we haven’t read. When there are lulls in our requests then reviewers can take a look at those books on a spreadsheet and request a copy from me. We have had several books which we have initially declined and then reviewed later.

We don’t guarantee that this will happen if we decline your book, review requests keep us pretty full. But, it’s good to note that we don’t just get rid of your book.

Other Promotions For Lesbian Authors and Publishers

I also run a podcast and sometimes I will put out a call for authors to submit readings, be interviewed or send us books for particular lists. If you want to know when we are running promotional opportunities then sign up below

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