General Alex Danvers fanficBetween the Lines by Anonymississippi is The General Danvers FanFic That Will Make You Redefine Yearning. Its the ultimate slow-burn enemies-to-lovers story you never knew you were missing.

Alex Danvers joined a black ops military group to protect Earth from dangerous aliens. It also helps her look out for her adoptive sister, Kara, who just so happens to be Supergirl.

Alex has spent the last several years putting her personal life and her own needs on the back-burner, rising in the ranks as both a solider and a scientist. One of her most pressing issues at work? A group of militarized alien prisoners who plan to overtake humankind, co-led by  General Astra In-Ze whos conquered several planets.

Astra In-Ze is a powerful alien – a Kryptonian and Karas biological aunt, at that. A famed military hero on her own planet, she was too late to save it before it exploded and even worse – her radical ideas to save the planet resulted in her being exiled to an off-world prison.

Her her space prison landed on Earth ten years ago. All she sees are humans who are making the same mistakes her own kind made. But she is not going to live through two planets self-destructing, even if she has to take control of humans to stop them.

Alex mysteriously receives a letter from Astra, claiming to have regrets about her plans against humanity and being willing to secretly negotiate with Alex and Alex alone. Not being easily fooled, Alex doesnt really trust Astra but she cant help but be intrigued.

What starts as a distrustful straight-to-the-point exchange of letters soon grows into a personal connection that grows deeper than either expected it to.

But with literal worlds of differences between them, will their connection be strong enough to bring them together?


The writing alone is worth the read. The words are poetic and tell a beautiful yet complex love story.

The story is driven by a strong plot, as the war between the two sides has to come to a head, but the character development is masterfully woven in. As the plot develops, so does Alex and Astras relationship. Told entirely in Alexs point of view, you get a really great feel for Astra both through her letters and through Alexs observation.

Heads Up

There is militaristic violence, as the leads are on opposing sides of an alien vs human war, though never in gory detail.

Astra is married, though her marriage to her husband is more of a military arrangement than anything else and is not a central plot.


Its the slowest of burns, which is something I absolutely love. It only makes sense, given that they start with such a big idealistic difference between them. By the time they understand their feelings and act on them, you are screaming FINALLY! But their bonding and coming to an understanding with one another was organic and never dragged.

Alexs fascination with Astra is relatable. Shes powerful, has traveled to more planets than Alex has ever heard of, and can speak eleven languages. To top it all off, she has an adorable lack of knowledge about human culture and a willingness to learn. But its Astras fascination with Alex that is the homerun. To go from underestimating the entire human race to learning to appreciate and see the beauty in the species because she is so impressed with Alex as an individual – just leave me here to weep, okay?

Complete with code names and shared love of nerdy things, two women come together to fight enemies on both sides in a beautiful love story. Who wouldnt want to fall in love with a badass woman who would kill for you but also listens to every word you say like all your thoughts are precious? (spoiler, thats both of them)

Though set in a canon universe you only need to watch about a fourth of the first season to fully understand the characters and all canon references. With context clues, however, it isnt necessary to have more than a basic understanding of the premise. Or really, more than what I already mentioned in my summary.

Excerpt from Between the Lines – The General Danvers FanFic That Will Make You Redefine Yearning

The barista rocking a tight manbun at the coffee shop on Fifth gives her the first letter.

Its an odd Saturday off, and Alex isnt an hour southeast at the DEO headquarters, filing incident reports for the latest alien attack; nor is she content to remain cooped up in her apartment on such a sunny day. She doesnt even frequent this coffee house all that often, maybe pops in twice a month on slower weekends or federal holidays that happen to coincide with the lack of an intergalactic threat. The gilded coffee presses and billowing steam from the wands is an assault on the senses; the first time she brought Kara to a city coffee house during morning rush her sister had darted outside, shaking her head against the stimulation. She noted, all those yesteryears ago, to never give a Kryptonian caffeine.

The same could not be said for her bedraggled human system.

She steps forward and places her order, double checks her phone and shuffles her way down the line to the counter. Usually after runs she treats herself to a calorie-heavy pastry. But watching Kara demolish seven sticky buns in a single sitting last Thursday still has her stomach roiling.

Today, Alex gets a quadruple shot Americano and an unmarked envelope.

Whats this?” Alex asks, scrunching her face up as the hand-off is completed. She hates asking because the place is swamped, flannel-clad millennials and toddler-toting moms eye-rolling and sighing at the slow (frantic, rapid, but never fast enough) pace of the service industry.

Your friend left it,” the barista quips, turning his attention back to the espresso grinder and the portafilter.


She said she had an emergency. Had to jet.”

I think theres been a mistake—”

Youre Alex Danvers, right? Quad-shot medium Americano with a dash of whole milk for a cool-down?”

Uh… yes.”

Then thats for you!” the young man shouted over the crunching rumble of the grinder. The General gives you her regards.”

Alex periscopes her head around the interior, scanning for any behavior that seems just south of human. The envelope feels light and innocuous in her hands; plain office supply paper with no outstanding notations on the exterior. Theres a thumbprint in brown powder at the upper left-hand corner that will likely be traced back to the barista. Of course the paper will undergo every test the DEO has in its scientific arsenal, several of which Alex designed herself. The smallest hint of sweat or saliva used as sealant could be traced, collected, dissected and studied.

Know your enemy, Alex.

Alex dashes outside, coffee and envelope in hand. She should call it in, she knows.

The General sends you her regards.

She should call it in.

Alex doesnt call it in.

She rips into the letter right there on the street.

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  • Fandom: General Danvers (Alex Danvers and Astra In-Ze from Supergirl)
  • Length: 156,487 words
  • Author: Anonymississippi
  • Rating: Explicit

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