lea daley future dykeFuture Dyke by Lea Daley is a book that really builds. Can you fall in love with a robot?? I did…please don’t tell my gf!

Personally the word dyke leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It was hard for me to get past the title, the word doesn’t come up too much in the book but it does a few times here and there.

Fair warning I enjoyed 82% of the book the last 18% felt as if it dragged on a bit.

Leslie Burke is diagnose with brain cancer and chooses cryo-sleep in hopes that she will wake up to a future that has a cure. When she does, the future she awakens to is nothing like she has ever imagined. This world is devoid of all individuality and none of the residents, of the artificial asteroid called Jashari, seem to like Leslie or any of the other returnees for that matter.

To help her adapt to her new culture, she is assigned a Variable Techno Organism (VTO), Aimée. As if waking up in the distant future isn’t bad enough, she grapples with the romantic feelings she starts having for her VTO.

Little does she know, a prophecy predicts that this society will be changed forever, and the returnees believe it is Leslie that will bring this change about, but at what cost?

The Characters

There are quite a few characters but my favorite is Aimée.

Aimée is an A.I. whose purpose is to help returnees like Leslie adjust to Jashari and its culture.

Leslie, the main character, is an artist at heart. Everything about her is the exact opposite to Jashari society.

The Writing Style

The beginning of the book really built. I honestly thought I was going to tag this as one of my faves but 82% into the story, it really slowed down.

Lea Daley really did an amazing job of making me feel for Aimée and feeling devastated in other parts of the book I cannot mention in this review due to spoilers.

The Pros

The beginning was great, comical even. I enjoyed the majority of this book and as I said like 8 million times I love Aimée.

The Cons

There were a lot of names and words I could not figure out in this book and the end dragged on just a tad.

The Conclusion

Over all this is a pretty good book there are a lot of phrases and quotes I highlighted that I really did enjoy, and there is one moment in a chapter I enjoyed so much I read it thrice!

But, alas, the ending could have been tighter. It is worth a read if you are looking for a good sci-fi read and go in knowing that it slows down.

Excerpt from Future Dyke by Lea Daley

As with any adage that’s survived for centuries, there’s wisdom in the warning “Be careful what you wish for.” Aimée returned almost as soon as the request formed in my mind, but it wasn’t the same. She was angry in a slow-simmering, worrisome way, her voice frosty. Worse, she spoke in Jashrine-not a good sign. “What service is required to maintain the integrity of the Whole?”

If she had a watch, she’d be checking it impatiently. I could almost see her toe tapping with irritation. No response occurred to me. What could I say? I didn’t even know what I wanted from her. Comfort? Companionship? Protection? Or just to look and look at that stormy face?

She’d taken my advice and traded Terran garb for Jashrine simplicity-a pale, close-fitting gown that made her seem thinner. No-she was thin, too thin, every angle more pronounced than when I saw her last. I had a ludicrous desire to grab a saucepan and stir up something irresistible. To ply her with roasted lamb, with strawberry genoise, with wines so wonderful they hadn’t been invented yet.

Lost in reverie, I missed the moment Aimée’s face softened and she dropped her guard. When I clicked back into focus, she was almost smiling. Of course! She’s been reading my mind-how soon we forget!

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