French Kissing Season One by Harper BlissFrench Kissing Season One by Harper Bliss is a serial lesbian erotic story that is like a soap opera. It takes place in Paris with the PR agency Barbier & Cyr at the centre of all of the action.

Juliette and Claire are former lovers turned best friends who built Barbier & Cyr together at a cost to their personal lives. Juliette’s decade-long relationship with her partner, Nadia, is on the rocks. Claire hasn’t had a longterm relationship for years, even if she’s had great success with one-night stands. Their employee Stéphanie continues to be the belle of the lesbian bar scene, which is exactly the way she likes it.

When Nadia sets Claire up with Margot, a trauma surgeon from the hospital where she works, it looks like Claire may have finally found the one woman who can tie her down. And Steph’s preference for the single life is tested when she’s assigned to work with the high profile darling of conservative French politics, Dominique Laroche.

The Characters

With six main characters, you’d think things would get a little confusing, but it actually doesn’t. It’s written in the third person with the perspective shifting between Juliette, Nadia, Claire, Margot and Steph. This lets us see what they’re like together as a group, individually, and when they’re paired off. I do wish we got scenes from Dominique’s perspective, but luckily she’s open enough with Steph that we still get a full sense of who she is as a person.

The Writing Style

Remember how I said in the intro that this is like a soap opera and that it’s a serial story? That’s because each “episode” was originally released individually. I read them one by one when they first came out a few years ago and I remember being captivated by all of the women in the story. I was no less captivated coming back to it now with the recently released audio version.

The first season of French Kissing is angsty as hell, just like a good soap opera should be. There are big feelings all over the place with Nadia and Juliette’s relationship mid-crash and burn, and new relationships developing between Claire and Margot, and Steph and Dominique.

Also, this series is super erotic. Do you like a lot of sex scenes in your stories? Then good news! You’ll love French Kissing, because it sure delivers. The sex is not only plentiful, but varied.

The Narration

I’m a really big fan of Abby Craden’s narration and I’m happy to say she doesn’t disappoint with French Kissing: Season One. Her raspy voice perfectly matches the erotic tone and content of this audiobook.

The Pros

I love the characters in this series, especially Steph and Dominique. They’re actually my favourite of all of Harper Bliss’s couples.

Also, I’m not normally a fan of really angsty stories, but the angst is done so well in French Kissing: Season One that I actually love it. I can’t get over how much some of the situations in this book had me tied up in knots, even though I already knew what was going to happen.

The Cons

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if you read or listen to French Kissing: Season One this all in one go, there might be too much sex. That said, if you read something between each episode, it’s perfect.

Also, if you can’t handle cheating in your stories, you’ll probably want to give this one a pass.

Jeannie's Favourite BooksThe Conclusion

French Kissing is a fun, sexy, angsty read. I recommend it if any or all of that sounds like your kind of thing. The serial nature of the story alone is really interesting and worth showing up for, with the story in six parts meaning you can read each in a sitting.

Stay tuned for a review of French Kissing: Season Two… (sadly, unlike with TV programming, I don’t have a date and time for you, but seriously, keep an eye out!)

Excerpt from French Kissing Season One by Harper Bliss

She watched Dominique as she returned with the bottle of booze. She was definitely good-looking, which played a large part in her popularity, with piercing green eyes and long salt-and-pepper hair, but she was hardly the type Steph would go for. Let alone the fact that she’d surely get fired for even thinking about it. So what on earth was she doing?

“One hell of a party.” Dominique raised her glass. “To the men ruining my life.”

So that’s what it’s all about. Steph relaxed a bit. She could deal with that.

“Don’t you have a family dinner to go to?”Dominique asked as she added more whiskey to Steph’s glass.

“Don’t you have to go see daddy?” It sometimes slipped her mind that she was sitting opposite the rising star of the MRL. The circumstances didn’t exactly enhance a professional atmosphere either.

To Steph’s relief, Dominique burst out laughing. Big gurgles of laughter bubbling up from her belly, creasing the skin around her eyes and mouth. She looked relaxed, maybe even obliviously happy for a split second. She raised her glass. “To you and me, Stéphanie. We’ll show them.”

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9789881289919
  • Publisher: Ladylit Publishing
  • Audiobook Publisher: Audible Studios
  • Narrator: Abby Craden

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