Forever-by-Rebecca-SwartzForever by Rebecca Swartz came at me out of nowhere. Just… wow.

It’s about a confession of love between two best friends. Rowan has been in love with Siobhan ever since they met three years ago. Will this confession of love change everything between them? Why does it matter if Siobhan is leaving anyway? This is a true to life, unique story and, just like in reality, life doesn’t always work out the way you want it to.

The Characters

Rowan and Siobhan are two best friends who have known each other for three years. They are a love connection that seems to have always missed.

Siobhan is my type of girl, decisive and unswayed by the influence of others. Rowan is Siobhan’s rock, always there for her and never wavering.

The Writing Style

It is a short story written in the first person. This book is 47 pages long. You don’t really get to know the characters very well but the author does a fantastic job of making the reader feel deeply about the outcome of these two.

The Pros

This is such a good read!!! It was something different, something new and the ending was perfect. Everything is a pro.

The Cons

Don’t read this in a public area. Trust me.

The Conclusion

This book was everything and more. I think the ending was well written. Rebecca Swartz is also the author of Falling  and I recommend reading that book as well.

Excerpt from Forever by Rebecca Swartz

She made no move to indicate she was aware of my presence, as I crouched behind her. But as I leaned forward to drape my arms over her shoulders, resting on the balls of my feet to keep my balance, I felt her shoulders suddenly relax, and her body lean slightly back into mine, as if my touch had thrown a switch that killed the live feed of tension thrumming through her.

“Hey, girl. What do you know?” She knew it was me without even looking, without my saying a word. She spoke in that lazy way of hers that I’d come to know so well, her voice low and smooth, like thick cream. It curled through me, the way smoke from a burning cigarette will curl toward the ceiling, endlessly looping, twisting; filling me.


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