Force Of Nature by Kim BaldwinForce Of Nature by Kim Baldwin is a wonderful romance with a sprinkling of action.

Gable is a volunteer firefighter. One day a tornado destroys a house and Gable is the only one on the scene to help Erin, a woman trapped in the debris. The tornado’s sweeping devastation means that help can’t arrive until morning.

Erin is terrified of small spaces and the dark but the night spent trapped is made bearable by the soothing presence and voice of Gable, a stranger who keeps her company until help arrives. Gable is called away before Erin is pulled free and so the two don’t meet face to face.

When Gable does return, Erin isn’t there and no one can tell her where she can find her.

What will happen when they are finally able to meet, will they discover that there is something more there than just common interests and beliefs?

The Characters

I enjoyed both women and found it fun that there was an attraction before they had even met face to face. I also liked that Gable was a volunteer firefighter. I mean, could you get a sexier woman?

The Writing Style

I like the way Baldwin writes. Her stories are snappy, her characters are well thought out and her stories are never typical or identical.

This one hit some great romance notes and was unexpectedly charming. By that I mean that the cover looks like more of an action than a romance so I wasn’t expecting a super cute romance.

The Narration

Charley Ongel did a decent job with this one. I have heard her before and was uncertain that her narration style would work for this but I settled in quite fast and enjoyed it.

The Pros

The story itself was wonderful. I loved the characters and the progression of the relationship. It’s sometimes tough to describe exactly what makes a book magical, but that’s exactly what this book was – a little bit of romantic magic.

The Cons

I don’t like the cover and the blurb. I think they talk about more action than you will actually get in this book. It’s a romance, an adorable romance, but still more romance than action. Having said that, the few action scenes in the book were excellently done.

sheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

You should totally get this audiobook. I can’t even count how many romances I have read and listened to and a good romance has something that makes it stand out from the other books in the category. Baldwin delivered something unique with this one. The storyline is interesting enough to keep me guessing, the characters were wonderfully flawed and yet so sweet with one another. The inevitable break up (before the make) up was fab – it had me wanting to yell at the characters, which is exactly the kind of romance I LOVE. So, yes, go get this audiobook and carve out a bunch of free time because you are not going to want to stop listening.

Excerpt from Force Of Nature by Kim Baldwin

When she’d gotten the callout two hours earlier, the dispatcher told her Tim was out of town. No replacement was available, so she was on her own.

She felt the full weight of that responsibility as a ferocious wind gust tried to wrestle the steering wheel from her hands. Butterflies crowded her stomach as she struggled to keep the Jeep on the road. Lives might depend on you today. She had to bury her fear and try to remain focused.

Most of the places she’d checked so far were summer cottages, still locked up and vacant. Power was out in a few of the year-round homes, and wind had caused minor damage to roofs, but no one had been injured.

Gable slowed to turn onto Cedar Trail and rolled down the window. Something was very wrong. Suddenly there was no wind at all, where a moment ago it was buffeting the Jeep. She braked to a stop and got out. Stared up at the sky. Sniffed the air. It was eerily quiet, a kind of quiet she didn’t think she’d ever heard in the forest. Where were the birds?

The hair on the back of her neck stood up and her pulse began beating double time. The air seemed charged by electricity. The ozone crackled around her. It just felt…wrong. Like there was too much air pressure.

That was when she heard it. Just like it was always described. A distant, muffled roaring, like an oncoming train. Dense forest surrounded her. The trees blocked her view except where the road cut through. She couldn’t see the twister.

The unearthly roar got steadily louder. A series of sharp reports, like rifle shots, sounded in the near distance. Those are trees! Shit!

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781933110233
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  • Audiobook Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc
  • Narrator: Charley Ongel

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Note: I received a free review copy of Force Of Nature by Kim Baldwin. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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