The Flowers of Time by A.L. Lester is a historical adventure story set in 18th India and Nepal, with a slow-burning and tentative love story. Jones has lived with her father for most of her life and after a deathbed promise she travels to England to attempt to find a husband. But she knows that’s something she definitely does not want. The fact that she prefers to dress and act like a man, or what society accepts as masculine behaviour, doesn’t help. She has a mission to complete and a fortuitous meeting with a young woman artist and her brother at Kew Gardens in London sets her life on a different path. Solving a mystery left in her father’s journals is at the forefront of her mind. The enchanting Edie’s company brings out new feelings in Jones. As they get to know each other they discover that there is much more to life that living by society’s standards.

The Characters

Jones was Jones. She was strong and intelligent and acted and dressed in a way that felt right to her. She did not conform to any expected standards at all. She tried being what was expected when in England, but it wasn’t her at all. I liked that she knew who she was and stuck to her guns.

Edie was unusual too in that she appeared to be a typical woman of her era, but once we got to know her, it was evident that she was nothing of the sort. She was well educated, strong, fierce and brave. And she was willing to take a chance.

The Writing Style

The story was gently paced and unhurried. The author took us on a journey that became more and more fascinating as the story progressed. The language took account of the fact that the novel was set in the late 18th century, but it was in no way archaic.

The Pros

I liked the gentleness of the storytelling and the fact that the characters suited the era and the story being told.

The Cons

This book is part of a series and is WLW, but the rest of the series appears to be m/m. So, although I enjoyed the book I’m not into m/m so I won’t read the others.

The Conclusion

The Flowers of Time was an enjoyable escapist story, with magic, romance and adventure. The characters were eminently likeable, and I wanted to spend time with them. It is part of a series, but I haven’t read the first two and did not find that an issue.

Excerpt from The Flowers of Time by A.L. Lester

“I have never seen anything so beautiful in my whole life as the country since we came off the Athena,” Edie said on impulse as they walked. “I suppose it is all decidedly mundane for you. But I am constantly struck with it and how different it is to home.” Jones smiled at her, dropping her arm as they came up to her bedroom door. “I suppose before I went to England and came back, I may have overlooked it. But since then…it is my home, here, not England. And yes, it is beautiful.”

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Series name: Lost in Time

Book 1 – Shadows on the Border 

Book 2 – The Gate 

Book 3 – Lost In Time 

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