Flow State by Tash SultanaFlow State by Tash Sultana is an indie-rock/reggae album. It is an incredibly soulful, hypnotic and compelling album that captivated me completely. Evocative in its incredible blending of different genres, rhythms and vocals, Flow State is a truly magical experience. Mirroring the multitude of instruments and musical styles woven throughout the album, Sultana’s voice ranges from ethereal to snappy to a Joplin-esque wail at times. Yet somehow, despite the vast variety, everything just works into a cohesively stimulating whole.

My Favourite Songs

“Blackbird” begins with an incredible guitar picking that reminds of the Eagles or Pink Floyd but with a hint of a Latin influence to it. The guitar picking speeds up so much at points in this song it is utterly mind blowing. I envision their guitar bursting into flames! Sultana’s voice eases in with a subtle sweetness before also picking up in intensity. This is quite a long song, but the variations of speed and tone keep you enthralled.

“Big Smoke” has a laid-back reggae feel at the beginning of the song but like other tracks on the album, don’t get too relaxed. The song ends with the frantic eruption of a classic rock guitar solo. The lyrics speak to struggling with a loss of identity and are strikingly poignant.

“Pink Moon” is an emotionally charged that song best encapsulates Sultana’s talent for genre blending with a gentle beat and subtle strings woven throughout until, seemingly out of nowhere, a fiery electric guitar solo bursts forth ending the song with a flurry. It is a dark song detailing the hopeless feelings of struggling with mental illness. Her husky voice is rawer and dripping with emotion in this song while it reaches into your very soul and sets it ablaze.

“Free Mind” is another exceptional blend of reggae, rock and soul but is probably the closest to conventionally pop that Sultana comes in the album. It has a dreamy quality to it that you can easily envision yourself spending some quality time with a loved to. However, lyrically it is another emotionally gripping song delving into the struggle to achieve peace of mind. It’s an strange contrast in tone but so compelling.

Highly Recommended Music

Highly Recommended by MichelleThe Conclusion

It was extremely difficult to only choose four favourite songs from this album. Each track is a captivating experience. This album will make you feel so very serene, like you are floating through space…but with electricity and sometimes venom, coursing through your veins. Sultana has undeniable talent and this is an album not to be missed.

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