The Fletcher by K AtenThe Fletcher by K. Aten is a story about family life, new beginnings and finding your purpose in life.

Kyri has always been happy with continuing her family’s legacy of arrow making. She enjoys a peaceful life on her father’s secluded homestead. Kyri has already endured the death of her mother and she once thought that losing her mother would have been the hardest thing she had to endure in her life. Unfortunately, no one ever goes through life unscathed. Kyri has to accept two painful facts; her father is dying and she will lose the only home she has ever known. Kyri has so many things to learn—she learns that there are many paths that lead to self-fulfillment. Would Kyri follow the footsteps of her forefathers or would she listen to her heart and choose a new path?

The Characters

Kyri Fletcher is the daughter of a renowned fletcher (arrow maker) and archer. She has perfected the art of arrow making and she is determined to make her ancestors proud. Kyri’s innocence is so endearing. I really love her honesty, tenacity and her reverence for all living beings and nature. I really admire the way Kyri comes to terms with the numerous changes in her life. She uses every challenge as an opportunity for greatness.

Shana is an Amazon from the Telequire Amazon Tribe. She is a very skilled negotiator, she is also fun-loving and loyal to the people who are close to her. I just love her affable personality; on more than one occasion I couldn’t stop laughing at her witty comebacks and the suggestive jokes she makes with her friends.

Orianna is the Queen of the Telequire Amazon Tribe. She rules the Telequire Tribe with an open heart of love and integrity. I admire Orianna’s strength—she has made a lot of sacrifices for the tribe and she genuinely cares about the welfare of the women she rules.

The Writing Style

The author did an amazing job with her picturesque descriptions of the Telequire landscape. I also enjoyed the way the author portrayed Kyri’s internal struggles without losing focus of the other important characters in the story. I am really pleased to say that there is no lag or a dull moment in this story.

The Pros

I have always been a sucker for stories that have female solidarity and women in leadership roles as their main theme. I really enjoyed reading about the self-sufficient Amazon women and the various skills they possess.

The Cons

I’m just sorry that I can’t read the sequel to this book right now (I am really anxious to get caught up in Kyri’s world again!)

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

This captivating story is a beautiful declaration of love between women. There is no way I can fully express my love for this story but I can tell you this—I have highlighted many passages and I have read them over many times. I have also lost a great deal of sleep because I couldn’t bear the thought of going to sleep without knowing what was going to happen next (I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who doesn’t mind losing a few hours of sleep over the alluring Amazon women). If you treasure stories about Amazons, danger lurking at every turn and young women who embark on the journey to greater self-discovery, then this is definitely the story for you!

Excerpt from The Fletcher by K. Aten

Shana sat up, catching an inkling of what my da was saying.

“What are you trying to tell me, Galen?”

“I know you have to leave as soon as possible and I would like Kyri to go with you. She is in danger here and I want her to be safe. She needs a home and a family and I will be unable to provide either of those soon.” The great man I had worshipped my entire life seemed to shrink before my eyes. He covered his face with a hand and tried to gather himself emotionally. When he looked up again, I could see his blue eyes begging the Amazon warrior across from him. “Please… she means everything to me.”

Shana looked at him and then turned to meet my gaze. “And what do you want, Kyri?”

I watched both of them thinking about that very thing. My heart was pounding and my mouth had suddenly gone dry. Reality and realization were colliding in my head. “He… he is right. I have never fit in and I have never wanted to. The only thing I have right now is my da.”

She looked at me with compassion and understanding and said, “Let me ask again, what do you want?”

I looked into eyes of dark honey and knew she was searching for a deeper truth. “I want to be a fletcher!”

“And?” she prompted.

I swallowed and glanced at my father then back at her. “And I want to be free to make my own choices, to not be dependent on a husband or father to keep my home and livelihood.”

She nodded once, satisfied by my answer. “I understand. Can you be ready to leave by tomorrow?”

Shocked, I stared at her with dismay. “What? You cannot even ride yet. You are not nearly healed enough to travel.”

She returned my look with an emotionless mask. “No, but I can walk just fine. I need to continue my journey as soon as possible. My queen is counting on me.”

Da broke in. “She can be ready. Most of her things are already packed. She will have her horse and one of the mules. Will that work?”

“But, Da!”

He interrupted me. “No, Kyri, it is time. You know every day you stay will be more dangerous and will be harder for you to leave. Please!”

My eyes tearing up, I took a deep breath, reining in my emotions. It was time to start being strong. It was time to grow up. I sighed. “You are right. I know you are right, Da. I will be ready.”

Shana watched me for a candle drop longer. “Okay, we’ll leave at first light. But right now I think I need some more rest. Good night to you both.”

My father smiled at her. “Good night Shana. And thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can never repay you for this.”

The Amazon gave him a small smile in return and then glanced at me. “She already has.”

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The Arrow of Artemis Series

The Fletcher

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  • ISBN number: 9781619293571
  • Publisher: Regal Crest Enterprises

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